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The 3 Most Faithful Zodiac Signs In Love

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Taurus believes relationships are worth it. For this reason, they are less likely to cheat on their partner. “Bulls stay faithful because they like to work on relationships, only until things are irreparable,” says Stardust. A Taurus partner may be more willing to consult with their partner than to cheat or break up.

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Virgos see infidelity as an illogical response to relationship problems. Thus, these signs may be less likely to be unfaithful in a relationship. “Logic and order reign in the heart of the Virgin,” says Stardust. “They will never stray from love until the relationship is over. Virgo is more likely to tackle problems in the relationship head-on than to seek comfort from another person.

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The last zodiac sign least likely to be unfaithful is Capricorn. This is due to his great loyalty. “The Capricorns will separate before they deceive because they lead an honest life and are committed,” said Stardust. “They will never hurt their partner by doing this!” Although they may still have feelings for someone else, they are much more likely to break up than to risk harming their partner.

Even these three signs of the zodiac can end up being wrong, but compared to the rest of the astrological chart, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are more faithful than the others. A relationship is the sum of the people it contains, but these signs may be a little less likely to go astray.

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