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Don’t Become Like The People Who Hurt You.

Don’t break someone’s heart just because they broke it. Do not be cruel because someone has been cruel to you. Don’t hurt someone just because you got hurt. We always have two options in life when things don’t go our way, we can move forward with a positive attitude or stay still without doing anything.

It took me a while to realize this, but most of the pain I felt in my life was autonomous. I did more damage than anything else because I chose to think negatively. I didn’t have the power to control my situation but I had the power to control my mind, but I didn’t want to.

Everyone has their own problems in life. The problems are all important because everyone handles pain differently. What we can do is that these problems do not get worse.

We cannot allow anyone to suppress hope and the desire to find new love, better love. Do not give up love because you have suffered, do not become as if the person had hurt you. It’s not fair to you and others, because your heart will heal, maybe not completely or quickly, but someone will love you again. They will love everything about you, especially the injured part, for which you have worked so hard to fix it. Don’t let those who broke your heart change the way you love. Don’t let it change the way you feel. Don’t let it change how you feel when you fall in love. Don’t let that change the way your heart beats for another person.

And please don’t let your personal change because you are not the one who ruined your heart, you are better. Don’t change who you are, learn from him. You have to be better and you can’t let your broken heart change you, because love wins, love always wins in the end. You can be hateful and cold, but the only person you hurt is yourself because love always wins. You hurt your future life.

Healing will take time, but once you find someone you love as much as you can imagine, you will love more intensely than before. Do not be angry with those who hurt you, do not hold a grudge, do not change who you are because of what has happened to you. Your heart is full of love to share, do not allow anyone to steal it, especially the one who hurt you, because then it will win. Injuring people hurts others because suffering loves company. Don’t let hate and pain keep you from being the best person you want to be.
Be yourself, without shame, and always know that love wins and that you will have a happy ending.

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