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Which zodiac sign should you date and which zodiac sign should you stay away from?

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Who is the perfect partner for your zodiac sign?

Finding a partner is sometimes not easy. Especially in today’s times when Tinder and Co. only seem to matter. So how do you best find out which partner really suits you? Astrology could help us there. Which zodiac sign should you date and which zodiac sign should you keep your fingers off? 

The Capricorn woman 

Capricorn women are passionate. But their morality is important to them. They love their freedom and absolutely need time for themselves. On the other hand, you also want to feel safe and secure. You will find the fish attractive because it is loose and can easily attract them from the reserve. If you are a Capricorn woman, you will also be particularly attracted to the Virgo man. Because it seems very reasonable to you. The lion, however, totally annoys you. A relationship with him would only end in power struggles.   The ram is too carefree for you to prove yourself as your partner.

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The Aquarius woman 

Aquarius women are creative and tender. You need someone by your side to do crazy things with them. Because they never lose their inner child. A Libra man fits them perfectly. The Libra man will always find topics he can talk to the Aquarian woman about. He loves to be social and sociable and can, therefore, give her his full attention. A twin will create sizzling tension in their relationship. The Aquarius woman should not date scorpions and fish. Because the scorpion is too addicted to control and the fish will not cope well with its independent nature.

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The Pisces woman 

You are an emotional and sensitive woman who needs a lot of harmonies. But you are also very understanding. That’s why you best get along with someone who understands your feelings and gives you more emotional security. Cancer is a perfect partner for you. But the ibex can also be very sensitive and give you the necessary support. You shouldn’t date twins and scales. Because the twin will only unsettle you and the scales are a little too sociable.

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The Aries woman 

The Aries woman is independent and very logical. But it is also very impulsive at the same time. She, therefore, needs a man by her side who can keep calm and does not immediately hit the ceiling. That is why a cancer man is best suited to Aries women. Because crayfish are charming and patient. The fish man also copes well with the type of ram woman. With lion and ram males there could be more problems. Because lions are very dominant and Aries men will only add more gasoline to the fire with their similar nature.

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The Taurus woman

Bull women love romance. They want a partner who is loyal and keeps making declarations of love to them. That’s why they can best date a cancer man who is empathetic and gives them the emotional closeness they want. Even with a bull-man, the bull woman will experience a harmonious and down-to-earth partnership. Lions and shooters are less suitable for the bull woman. The lion will be too tiring for her and the shooter is constantly on the move, which the bull woman is not coping well with.

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The Gemini woman 

Twin women are naturally curious and absolutely want to determine themselves when flirting. Because the best thing for them to do is to run data slowly. A bull-man is the best match for a twin woman. It will give her the necessary attention. The Libra man can also match a twin woman. Because he is looking for mental and physical stimulation just like her. Virgins and scorpions, on the other hand, will not make life easier for the twin woman. Scorpions will try to control them and virgins are much too boring for twin women.

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The Cancer woman 

Cancer women quickly perceive signals and like tender and understanding partners. But you also want security. An Aquarius can give her exactly that. Because they are understanding and at the same time down to earth. Capricorns will also take good care of the cancer woman. The Cancer woman does not get along so well with Sagittarius men and Libra men. The shooter is a little too selfish for her and the Libra will consider her emotional world too matter-of-factly. As a result, there will be many misunderstandings in the relationship.

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The leoness 

A lioness wants to be treated like a queen. She loves a man’s passion and admiration. That is why the Scorpio man is very suitable for them. But the twin man will also be very attracted to her nature. He will give her his full admiration. The lioness shouldn’t date Aquarians and bulls. Because watermen are far too dominant and bull a little too stubborn. That would cause some conflicts in the partnership with a lioness.

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The Virgo

Virgins don’t like drama and want a calm, harmonious relationship without much romance. She remains realistic and sees her partner as a companion for life. This companion could, for example, be a bull-man, but also an ibex man. Because both are down to earth and share with them the element earth. Fish and crabs are far too sensitive and dramatic for the Virgo. That’s why she should stay away from these men.

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The Libra woman 

The Libra woman is looking for the ultimate togetherness. For example, she finds this partner in a shooter. Because this will make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. The lion-man could also be a good choice for the Libra woman because he will want to protect her at all costs. Pisces men and cancer men, on the other hand, are just too sensitive for Libra women. Because she is sometimes mercilessly honest and these men would not tolerate it well.

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The Scorpio woman 

Scorpio women are pure passion and therefore also attach great importance to s** and feelings in a relationship. Pisces men are hungry for emotions and therefore fit perfectly with this woman. Capricorn men could also be considered. Because they are patient and loyal. A partnership with a bull-man would be a fatal mistake. Because they are loyal, but can also be very poignant. The Scorpio woman should also avoid a relationship with a Scorpio man because many tears will flow here.

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The Sagittarius woman 

Sagittarius women want entertainment and hate boredom. The Aries man will give you exactly that, dear Sagittarius. He will live all your adventures with you. An Aquarius will bring the necessary humor into your relationship. That’s why it fits you perfectly. You should rather stay away from bull men and virgin men. Bulls prefer to stay at home and will not understand your thirst for adventure. Virgo men are far too solid and orderly for you. That would only slow you down.

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