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What Haircut For Which Astro Sign!

You want to change haircuts but you do not know which one you will agree? And if the stars could help you to see more clearly about your hair cravings? Smooth or curly hair, long or short, degraded or cut to square … Discover which haircut to choose according to your astrological sign!

Find all our special hair tips.

1. The Aries woman:

Spontaneous and sporty, the Aries woman must have a haircut which facilitates the daily while highlighting its dynamism. An unstructured square is ideal for his personality, especially since this cut does not require much maintenance.

2. The Taurus woman:

Of a relatively traditional character, the Taurus woman likes female haircuts, discreet but especially natural. She loves to break for voluptuous curls on a short haircut!

3. The Gemini woman:

One thing is certain, the Gemini woman changes haircuts very often. Long hair, very short, smooth, curly, colourful… She has tried everything! But what she prefers is to have fun with a crazy colour or rebellious locks with a short haircut!

4. The Cancer Woman:

Nostalgic for her childhood, the Cancer woman loves childish hairstyles: quilts and mats! But when it comes to cutting, she prefers medium-length, smooth hair that offers a range of hairstyling possibilities! And why not make a bang?

5. The Lion Woman:

The Lion woman needs a sunny haircut. If her hair allows it, she usually opts for a voluminous hairstyle. It’s simple, his mane must be noticed! To add a little light, she does not hesitate to offer a sweep!

6. The Virgin woman:

Rather wise and reserved than eccentric, the Virgin woman loves the rather classic cuts. His hair must be perfectly ordered and shiny. She spends a lot of time at the hairdresser but changes only rarely cutting: a structured square with a line on the side!

7. The Libra woman:

Like the Virgin, the Libra woman takes great care of her hair. And for good reason, it’s the queen of beauty! She likes fresh and modern cuts that emphasize her sensuality: smooth and straight hair at the roots and ripples along the length!

8. The Scorpion woman:

This is THE mysterious woman of the Zodiac. Of course, his haircut must think outside the box. Anyway, she is rather attracted by unstructured haircuts with some rebellious locks falling on her face or a big wick falling on her eyes …

9. The Sagittarius woman:

The adventurer of the Zodiac does not want to take the head with his haircut. She’s the hairdresser! However, the Sagittarius woman likes to look after appearances. His ideal cut? A beach waves for a beach effect even at the office!

10. The Capricorn Woman:

Of all the astrological signs, it’s the most classic! Indeed, the Capricorn woman has nothing to do with hair tendencies. What did she want? A short cut easy to maintain! To alleviate her severe and strict side, she can choose a haircut with rounded lines and a gradient that follows her face.

11. The Aquarius woman:

This is probably the sign of the Zodiac experimenting the most haircuts at the hairdresser. With its original and quirky look, the woman Aquarius does not go unnoticed! She dares every colour and every cup! But what suits him best is the cut to the boy with a lot of volumes!

12. The fish woman:

The Poisson woman finds happiness with a mermaid haircut. Ripples, wet effect, volume … That’s enough to give the impression of getting out of the sea! For the most romantic, the English loops will perfectly highlight the romanticism of this astrological sign!

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