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The lies that every sign tells most often.

Studies show that, on average, we tell one or two lies a day.

Many times we don’t even realize that we are doing this, and according to astrology, every zodiac sign is prone to lie, especially when it comes to certain topics. For example, Lions will never admit that they have a passion for someone until they make sure they have a chance or not.

Here are the signs that the zodiac signs most often tell:


Aries often lie when asked if they are okay. Even if they are not, they will pretend that everything is fine, although things are completely different.

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People born in the sign of Taurus lie when they have to find excuses not to participate in various events or parties. They prefer to do what they want with their time and hate being forced to attend certain events that they do not want to be present at.

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The lies that every sign tells most often.

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