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These Are The Most Impulsive Signs Of The Zodiac


Aries is the undisputed number 1 of the most impulsive zodiac signs. Being quick-tempered, spontaneous and moody is the nature of the fire sign, but it often overshoots the mark. If he talks himself into rage again or things just don’t go as he would like them to, he explodes and an emotionally charged wave overwhelms all those present. Even if you are often subject to the constraint of your character traits – calm down, dear Aries, it is not always worthwhile to start pounding!


The restless twin rarely relaxes and is always on the ball. As a sign to which the element of air is attributed, it always has its nose in the wind and looks around for new goals and challenges. Higher and further – that is his claim. But preferably without much effort. Even though twins are generally able to control their external appearance, they are often so impulsive that they lose control. That is why twin babies are also called “the one with the two faces”. Actually, they are not split at all, they just don’t always let everything get out, but make up a lot with themselves. Then when it breaks out of them, this seemingly sudden change can be very surprising.


The strong-willed lion has a penchant for the dramatic. That is why he can sometimes hang on to things and suffer like a shot animal, while others cannot really understand the whole thing. Interestingly, the lion can hardly screw down its often too high demands, even if it realizes that it could fail. But his pride simply doesn’t allow that. He prefers to react over and let his impulsiveness take over – a real fire sign.


The third fire sign completes the list of the most impulsive zodiac signs. The shooter is open by nature and fond of other people. However, you should not irritate him too much, because then things can go really well. The shooter then shoots impulsively and often over the target. In such a moment of rage, he doesn’t care that he is too close to others. The main thing is to let everything out first. If you experience the choleric broadside of a shooter, you should rather take cover first and wait until the storm subsides, because only then you can get to him again.

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