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The Most Loving Men In The Zodiac Sign

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12th place – Gemini

With Gemini, everything is more or less clear. They are addicted people, they can be quite unstable in their feelings. Of course, this does not apply to all representatives of this sign. Love for many Gemini is first of all a passion, to understand you, they can really get closer if they are really ready. At some point, the dual nature of Gemini gives way to integrity of character, and then he will give everything to his beloved. Apparently, this is called maturity.

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11th place – Capricorn

This sign prefers calculation of feelings. However, he also knows how to love, and very much so. The question is how long. No, no fraud or betrayal, Capricorn will be honest with you, but above all with himself. If he feels that the feelings are leaving, he will take a timeout to decide whether to fight for these feelings or not. It is impossible to catch this man on a hook; he makes all decisions independently and is not afraid of loneliness. If he will be with you at the call of both heart and mind, your life together will be long, strong and happy.

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10th place – Aquarius

With Aquarius, everything is very interesting and difficult. In fact, this sign is not too keen to find that one. He lives, falls in love, breaks up and does not think about the future. But then you appear – and the life of Aquarius changes once and for all. He focuses on relationships with you, forgets friends, revises views and principles, and wants to just be around and make joint plans. However, his love is rarely expressed in loud gestures – Aquarius sincerely believes that it is enough to kiss and say: “I love you.” However, what else is needed if the feelings are mutual?

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9th place – Aries

For this sign, it is fundamentally important to maintain a certain mystery in the relationship. For this reason, they are not easily given the transition from a candy-bouquet period to a life together. It will be more accurate to say, to a life involving stability. Aries wants to be surprised at your presence all the time, he needs to think about you with amazement – they say, wow, this is the woman next to me. It’s impossible to play along with this; it’s pointless to portray mystery – just be yourself and love him wholeheartedly. Aries is one of those who feed on the feelings of his soul mate, so that, sensing your vibes, he will return them to you with a vengeance.

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8th place – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the exact opposite of the same Libra: they adore external effects, they can easily turn their heads, charm, arrange an unexpected helicopter ride over the city or take a selfie with Ivan Urgant. Relations with Sagittarius in the initial stage resemble an exciting quest, the passage of which excites and intrigues. The problem is that Sagittarius gets tired pretty quickly and will do romantic things much less often. He will not stop loving you, but outwardly it will be expressed once in a while. If you manage to get used to the carousel novel, it will be difficult to stop and live without everyday tricks, surprises and adventures.

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7th place – Scorpio

In the case of Scorpio, reputation runs ahead of the engine. Yes, Scorpio is tough and not very romantic, as it is believed. Yes, he has a bad, harmful and nervous character. But if he really falls in love, all these stamps can be safely thrown out the window. Scorpio will think about you, take care of you and not imagine life without you. Just do not interfere with his self-realization, please, otherwise the matter will end badly. He likes to fish – let him catch, like to collect old players – but for God’s sake. Do not meddle in this.

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6th place – Virgo

Virgo men are able to love deeply and forever, but to beat them out will be extremely difficult. It’s simpler – which is still more important – to feel and see, but to hear – there may be problems. It is easier for a virgin to prove her love by deed than by chattering. By the way, many people like it. Although, of course, everyone sometimes wants to be recognized in their feelings. Do not be shy to do this first – in the end, this way you will melt its inner ice and wait for the mean, and then more and more extensive romantic tirades at first.

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5th place – Pisces

Fish are very sensitive and cannot stand loneliness. This, however, does not mean that they will love you only for fear of being left alone. Pisces just needs a half – the very one with which they can create their own world, as far removed from reality as possible. This sign will be devoted to you one hundred percent, he will not look at other women if he chooses you. Just remember – Crayfish will readily give the woman the reins of government. They like it when the second half makes decisions. Not because Cancer doesn’t want to do this on his own – no, he believes that in this way makes you happy.

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4th place – Leo

The reputation of a notorious egoist does not prevent Leo from being wonderful partners who know how to love and value their women. The fact is that behind his loud manners and narcissism hides, as often happens, a man who is not completely confident. The mask that Leo wears, sometimes grows strongly to him, and exposing the true essence can be difficult. But if you make out in this pathos, talking almost all the time about yourself and sometimes funny in your theatricality, the real thing, if you melt the ice, you will get a flurry of feelings, a sea of ​​adoration and true fidelity in response.

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3rd place – Libra

These signs are intelligent, faithful, avoiding conflicts and nervous situations. They will love you deeply, without any special external effects and big words, but so that there is no need to doubt the sincerity of their feelings. Near Libra calm, comfortable, life with them will be unhurried and almost devoid of shocks. In this case, no boredom and routine – just Libra does not like to rush, can not stand the theatricality in relationships and stresses. Their love is love on equal terms. Libra does not fight for leadership in a pair, but receives it through your respect.

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2nd place – Cancer

Men born under this sign are distinguished by emotionality, affection and reliability. You can really rely on them and be confident in their feelings. Another thing is that Cancers often keep the bulk of their feelings and emotions to themselves. Or at least try. It may seem to you that Cancer easily transfers some kind of experience, but appearance is deceiving. Remember – these men are very vulnerable, although they try not to show it. And they often reflect on excessive employment at work – they feel guilty for not paying enough attention to the family. Try to quench these experiences.

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1st place – Taurus

We can say the best option. Taurus, as a rule, possess that set of qualities that guarantee (although is this word appropriate in relation to feelings?) Happiness in relationships. This sign is very patient, non-conflict, it will never betray or deceive. Moreover, in Taurus, which is important, there is inner strength, character, perseverance, and the combination of gentleness and will attracts women very much. The main thing is not to abuse the breadth of the soul and the depth of Taurus’s feelings, because if he is disappointed in you, he will either part, or put it in such a way that you forget about equality in a matter of seconds.

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