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Actually, they are considered to be the most sensitive of the zodiac signs: Sensitive with a tendency towards esotericism, brooding, difficult to grasp. But it is precisely from this that an unpleasant trait of the Pisces becomes. If there is a conflict, they are rarely able to resolve it in direct exchange. Instead, they maneuver and maneuver around until they seem to lull their counterpart into a feeling of security and then say goodbye to the situation. Behind the scenes, they then resolve the conflict in their own favor – and do not shy away from blackening their opponents or speaking badly of them. Unfortunately, this behavior does not suit the zodiac at all.


The lioness is considered proud and upright and is one of the more dominant zodiac signs. Unfortunately, she also tends to be vanity and can resort to unsightly means when she sees her ego threatened. If its radiant external effect is threatened, it tries by all means to get this threat under control. In doing so, she goes so far as to open up secondary scenes that distract from her person and make others appear in a bad light. Not a particularly royal virtue!


The Scorpio lady is actually uncomplicated, funny and so nice that everyone wants her as a friend. But that only works as long as it works according to your will. Because if the Scorpio woman feels irritable or even cornered, she no longer knows any friends. She then tends to have radical reactions – breaks friendships, breaks deadlines, quits a job where others count on her. With this kind, which often takes others completely by surprise, she damages her own reputation permanently.

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