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Aquarius always has the big picture in mind: For him, separating rubbish at home is not enough, he wants to free the whole planet from plastic waste. His approach is noble, but of course his strength is insufficient to achieve his lofty goals. One size smaller and Aquarius would often be less exhausted.


The fish is selfless and helpful – and many people shamelessly take advantage of it. Because of this, the fish can be mentally drained if it is stressed by too many people and things. He has to learn how to calm down and take care of himself.


Aries is a zodiac sign that is bursting with energy, but likes to exhaust itself. Instead of managing the excessive energy, he spends it on a thousand and one ventures or many projects. Because that is often too much in total, a drop can cause the barrel to overflow and the ram blows up or is completely exhausted.


The Taurus is strong-willed and wants to prevail in any situation. When he has reached a certain conviction, he asserts his point of view by all means. This is not only exhausting for his fellow human beings – he also exhausts himself completely in this – sometimes unnecessary effort.


Geminis have the ability to maneuver themselves out of complicated situations. They always seem carefree, but overlook how much energy it costs them to maintain the facade while they fight inside to keep the upper hand. Twins should stay away from people with a gloomy worldview and contemporaries who are very slow. That exhausts the living twin.


Many come to cancer because they know that it is a good listener. But its natural empathy also costs the cancer a lot of strength. He is often exhausted because he is burdened by the many emotions – not least his own emotional world. He should therefore also learn to say “no”.


The lion is a little control freak who not only wants to have himself under perfect control, but also his surroundings. He just doesn’t want to admit that this is an impossibility and struggles with the negative consequences of his control mania: He is quickly completely exhausted. It would go better if he relaxed a little and let things take their course.


The Virgo often fails because of her own claims. She wants to be perfect and spends forever thinking and weighing each of her steps. In this way she loses valuable energy that she could have spent on beautiful things.


The pros and cons rob the Libra of sleep: they cannot make up their minds until they have carefully considered the pros and cons of each situation. But sometimes there are no clear answers and no simple solutions, no matter how hard you think about it.


The scorpion is considered to be deep water: it does not make many words and likes to be mysterious. But inside he often broods over events or his own emotional states and gets lost in his own inner world. When he does say something, he is prone to emotional outbursts and can sometimes even appear vengeful. If he opened his mouth faster, he would have an easier life.


There is little more important to Sagittarius than freedom. He rejects restrictions and tries to avoid stress. As soon as there are difficulties, the Sagittarius feels tense and lets himself be stressed by this negative feeling: He wishes he could just ignore it. If that doesn’t work, he can easily feel overwhelmed and strained.


Above all, work is a burden for Capricorns. Not because he doesn’t like to work. On the contrary, he takes obstacles in his job as an opportunity to be twice as committed. But therein lies the problem: The Capricorn works so tirelessly that he ignores his limits and completely exhausted himself.

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