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As a Virgo, you always strive for perfection. Whether at work or privately: you hate mistakes and want to meet all expectations more than one hundred percent. In doing so, you often set yourself unrealistic and far too high goals that can hardly be achieved. It is therefore no wonder that they are under constant stress and are often dissatisfied with themselves.

Cosmic tip: Learn not to put yourself under too much pressure and to want to please everyone. If you set yourself goals that are easier to achieve, you will find that you are not only more than satisfying yourself, but also those around you.

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You are a workaholic. Hardly any other zodiac sign is as ambitious and disciplined as Capricorn. Professional success is your top priority. That is the reason why you have particularly high – and hardly achievable – expectations of yourself in your job. The result: overtime, stress and little time for a private life.

Cosmic tip: With all the overzealousness, don’t forget the balance between work and private life – the key word is work-life balance. Spending time with friends and family gives you exactly the outlet you need to reduce stress. After work is not there to build up overtime.

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As a watermark, you are very emotional and extremely sensitive to interpersonal relationships. You put less pressure on yourself at work, but all the more with family and friends. Your ultimate goal is to make other people happy and to meet all expectations. The resulting emotional pressure often leads you to put your own needs and desires behind those of others.

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