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Ranking Worst To Best Boyfriend (Based On Zodiac Sign)

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12. Virgo

Virgo men take the lead as the worst boyfriends.

To boot, they have this tendency to seek the little beast, they love conflict and are so stubborn that they always think they are right.

Usually they are emotionally bruised and lack empathy.

Even though their ego is as huge as their living room, it is often used to cover up their anxieties.

They are extremely intelligent and have a great sense of humor: 2 of their most attractive qualities.

But these are easily overshadowed by their tendency to be jealous and in control.

They often talk without thinking and can quickly turn mean and insulting.

They apologize afterwards, but once it’s too late and the damage is already done.

The only thing capable of improving the worst of boyfriends is their ascendancy.

The ascendant can bring them the tenderness and understanding that they so lack.

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11. Scorpio

Even though Scorpios belong to one of the most passionate astrological signs in the zodiac, that isn’t enough to rank them among the best boyfriends.

Every girl dating a Scorpio will undoubtedly be charmed by their mystery and their extraordinary performances under the covers.

But as soon as the relationship starts to get serious, Scorpios move away. They are a bit of commitment phobic.

They are not good at communication and yet it is an essential component of any strong relationship.

This is where their mystery and being on guard become their worst characteristics.

A Scorpio is able to settle for little and then realize that the life they have lived up to this point has been a lonely life.

But he will do it by his own rules and at his own pace, which is why there is no point in staying until he has had the ‘revelation’.

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10. Pisces

As an incurable romantic, a Pisces man will feel guilty for sabotaging his own love life.

He has already imagined his dream relationship, but the reality is very different. He often becomes the victim of his own disappointed expectations .

He is of good constitution, too much in fact, which is why it is not surprising that he is often played with.

He is unlucky and often comes across toxic women, who use him to the point that he ends up emotionally shutting down.

After having lived a harmful relationship, a Pisces man will be seized with anguish, to the point of becoming jealous.

Because he lives in a world of Care Bears, it is difficult for him to maintain a real relationship; he needs a girl who understands him and who understands his sensitivity.

This will be the only way to make him happy as a couple.

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9. Aries

Aries men are very manly. If at first glance, they are alluring and incredibly lovely, there is a trade-off.

They are domineering, irritable and can even be aggressive.

They can also be cocky and bossy which is why they need a strong, independent woman who will make them sweat to win her over and cannot stand their authority.

Once he is madly in love, his authority softens and he seeks compromise. He also has his qualities – he is courageous, very loyal and he is an eternal optimist.

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8. Taurus

Compromise is not their strong point.

They are so stubborn that they would rather bang their heads against a wall, rather than do something that isn’t right for them.

Going out with him is difficult, because he doesn’t make any compromises.

Which can get really frustrating for the other party, having to put up with everything and doing all the hard work.

On the other hand, Taurus belong to the most loyal sign in the zodiac.

They always keep their promises, are reliable, protective and very family oriented. So there is still hope for Taurus men!

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7. Capricorn

A Capricorn man aka Mr. Know Everything is best known for his need to be the smartest and his arrogance.

They are slightly bossy and like to be in control, which can be difficult for the person they are dating.

On the other hand, they are hard workers and they are reliable, good qualities in short.

They are romantic in their own way. They won’t light up your apartment with a thousand candles, and they won’t read you tales before you fall asleep .

But they’ll tell you to be careful on your way home, ask if you’re hungry, and put a blanket on you if you fall asleep.

They will have little attentions, rather than big gestures. And it’s something that commands respect.

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6. Aquarius

Aquarius men are men of taste.

They can be exceptional boyfriends for the compatible girl, but for others, they will be too domineering.

They need their space and can sometimes seem distant; their mood changes quickly.

They don’t form romantic relationships easily and it takes time for them to open up to people.

But once they meet someone who is up to their intelligence and who is a challenge, they become great boyfriends.

With them, it is simply a matter of putting the puzzle together.

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5. Balance

Where could a Libra man be, if not in the middle? Depending on what stage of his life he is in, it could be the boyfriend’s best or worst.

Libra men are charming, flirtatious, and love all the attention they can get – they’re gamers.

It’s likely that they’re going through a ‘asshole’ period and during that time they’ll be anything but good boyfriends.

But for those who will be dating a Libra man during his maturity phase, he will be a great boyfriend. He has already lived his life of madness and he is finally ready to settle down.

After this step, he will have no trouble committing and devoting himself to one woman.

He will do everything possible to make her happy, will dream of harmony and when the time comes, to start a family.

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4. Sagittarius

Sagittarians hate the idea of ​​being trapped.

They dream of freedom, which is why they will be content with celibacy or fleeting relationships, until they find someone who understands and loves them without them feeling imprisoned.

Jealous and clingy girlfriends won’t last long with a Sagittarius.

Once he meets a compatible woman, he perceives this relationship as a new adventure.

His heart will find its rightful place and he will be ready to make a real commitment: he cannot and should not be forced to do so.

A relationship with a Sagittarius will be fun, because of their wit and humor; a day without laughter is a day lost.

Once he’s in love, he becomes the best version of himself.

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3. Lion

If a Leo is exceptional, it’s because he gives more than he receives.

He will make efforts and everything in his power to make his beloved feel adored and protected.

He is romantic and loves big surprises.

Leo men are the perfect mix of best friend and lover, which makes them exceptional boyfriends.

Don’t let a Leo’s need for attention get you down. Most of the time this need for attention doesn’t bode well, not even with the opposite gendor.

He’s as loyal as he can be. And he will always respect the woman he is with, whether she is in his company or not.

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2. Gemini

Gemini men are absolutely remarkable.

They have this powerful desire to bring joy and happiness wherever they go and it becomes all the more important when they are with their other half.

It’s their listening and communication skills that almost brings them to the top of this list.

When they listen, they are genuinely interested in what others are saying. They are connected to their feelings and express themselves with ease.

Trust, communication and respect form the basis of a strong relationship and for a Gemini it’s easy, since they give all of this and more.

It may take a while for them to find the woman of their life, but once they find her they will know and there will be no doubt.

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1. Cancer

With their romantic hugs, tender hearts and sense of empathy, it’s no wonder Cancerians take the top spot.

Cancerians are able to love someone more than they love themselves, which isn’t always a good thing for them.

They are dedicated and extremely understanding.

He will always offer the girl he is sticking with a shoulder to cry on, he will do his best to make her laugh and spoil her as much as possible.

He generally has no fear of engagement. He dreams of the closeness and warmth of another being. He also dreams of the day when he can start his own family.

He is the kind of boyfriend who will give you a story worthy of the finest romance movies and yet, without ever looking honeyed since it just matches who he is.

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Ranking Worst To Best Boyfriend (Based On Zodiac Sign)

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