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Here’s How To Know You’ve Pissed Off Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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The passionate and brash Aries woman will not waste your time.

If you have done something that you are not proud of or, conversely, if you have no idea what you did, be sure that she will let you know.

She will not keep everything hidden inside, and will not remain silent. After sending dozens of texts and calling her several times without an answer, she will answer you, but in one word.

This is a red warning sign. Let her calm down and then try again later.

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A woman like her will do whatever she can think of. She will get what she wants one way or another. So if you’ve messed something up, you definitely will know.

She won’t pick on you, she won’t yell at you, but she’ll let you know that you’ve done something wrong.

Don’t be surprised if she gives you silence treatment, because then she won’t want to talk to you. She won’t even want to look at you.

She will avoid you because she will be as furious as a raging bear.

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The Gemini woman is a bit more complicated than the others. She will keep everything that bothers her deep inside.

If you notice that something is wrong, and ask her what it is, she will tell you that she is perfectly fine.

Do not be satisfied with this answer, because it is usually the opposite.

Usually, she’s boiling with anger from deep within, but she manages to hide it too well.

No one will blame you for not knowing she had been pissed for several days and only found out later because she seemed to be perfectly fine.

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Unlike Gemini, you will definitely know when the Cancer woman is mad at you because she won’t be able to hide it.

She’s usually very sensitive and even the smallest things get to her, so it’s no surprise that she gets mad at you if you even go overboard a little.

You will know she is angry as soon as you see her face. Her cheeks will turn red and her eyes swell with tears.

That puffy face is an obvious sign that she is upset with you. Only, instead of screaming, Cancers express their anger with tears.

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It’s a hell of a number and you have to be really smart to understand what she has in mind. It is not at all easy to understand.

She is able to act like everything is fine, and as soon as you approach her, she will walk away from you.

It will completely repel your attention and love. And let’s face it, it hurts a lot more than a silencing treatment or being yelled at.

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Virgo women are passionate and they don’t know how to hide their anger. When they are angry, the whole world should know about it.

When she’s angry, she gets mean and boisterous. She will say things to you that you never thought she could say.

Of course, most of the things she says she doesn’t mean. These are just some of the things she let slip in the middle of the heat of the moment.

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Libra women are very smart when it comes to showing they are edgy and very cautious when it comes to showing their feelings.

Not many people can figure out what is really going on in her head, unless she lets her emotional state show.

But the safest way to know she’s mad at you is when she ignores you and is adorable around the world.

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She’s the kind of girl who’ll ignore you too. Although she is fusional, if you hurt her, she will know how to keep her calm.

It won’t make a big deal out of it, no mess, as one would expect from a Scorpio girl. The worst thing she can do is leave your post as seen.

But sometimes it can even hurt more than an argument. And believe me, the Scorpio girl knows that all too well.

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These are girls who have a great sense of humor. They always make jokes, usually at their own expense, but as soon as they shut up and get serious with you, you can be sure something is wrong.

You certainly pissed them off. So, if you hand her the pole to giggle with you and she ignores it completely, start looking in the past few days to find what you did wrong.

I’m sure she will forgive you if you sincerely apologize.

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Capricorn women are generally very stable and down to earth. They know that there is a solution to every problem and that nothing is too much to deal with – unless it’s their feelings.

From a distance, she seems cold and reserved, but inside she is hot with emotions.

If you hurt those emotions, she will go crazy. She will scream at the top of her lungs because whatever she feels will eventually burst.

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An Aquarius woman suffers in silence. She won’t tell you anything, she won’t yell at you. She will intellectually process what happened and eventually she will come to terms with it.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t even know she is mad at you.

However, there is one thing that will help you know that she is mad at you.

If you check her social media accounts and find sad or rebellious songs, this is your clue. Do something about it.

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Sensitive and delicate Pisces threaten to break up with you if you piss them off. She does it because she’s actually afraid you’ll break up, and then she takes the opportunity to get ahead of you.

She doesn’t want to risk having her heart broken or having her dignity violated.

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Here's How To Know You've Pissed Off Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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