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The Kind Of Man Unable To Resist You: Decryption Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If you question a man who is attracted to an Aries woman, he will tell you that opposites attract.

Although Aries people are dynamic, impulsive, and have a habit of talking without thinking, men who fall for them are usually just the opposite.

Low-key or slightly shy men even find Aries irresistible.

Their energy is magnetic and so they can’t help but fall in love with them.

But it is an explosive association. These opposing personalities can frustrate each other and their relationship may end before it has even started; as they can make a perfect couple.

If they manage to find their place in the life of the other, harmony and balance are possible.


Of all the astrological signs, Taurus are the most balanced.

They are composed, calm and reasonable. Their ambitions and their sense of work are admirable.

Taurus women easily catch the eye of straightforward, lively and dynamic men.

The latter being drawn to the peace and stability that emanate from Taurus women.

They know they are trustworthy and reliable. They will find in them the balance they need and the delights of a relationship without drama.


Here are the most sociable women in the entire zodiac.

People are drawn to their freedom of mind, their contagious smile and the enthusiasm they know how to arouse.

Unfortunately, it’s the men with a need to be in control who are drawn to Gemini women.

They admire them so much that they easily become possessive and jealous of the other men around them.

A Gemini woman will do her best to appease her partner and reassure him that he is the only one in her heart.

And if she does not succeed, too bad for him!


She is generally comfortable with her feelings and knows how to demand what she wants.

Therefore, she will tend to attract men of the same gender.

A Cancer woman is warm and shares that warmth with others and with great pleasure.

She is always the most generous.

Even though at times in her life a Cancer woman will have her empathy and kindness taken for weaknesses, she will, without a doubt, attract a man like her.

The kind of man who can’t resist her will be just as romantic as she is.

He will be attracted by the platonic facet of their relationship, but will also find its sweetness extremely seductive.


The charm and charisma of a Leo woman rarely goes unnoticed.

They like to be the center of attention and feel good about themselves.

Their self-assurance is their most attractive quality, which is why the most calm and shy men will be attracted to them.

They will admire their strength and independence, while being intimidated by these qualities.

In truth, Leo women are perfect for them because they need someone who inspires them in order to step out of their comfort zone.

A Leo woman will be happy to help them. On the other hand, she will not tolerate too much dependence.

She needs someone to walk beside her, not someone she will have to push through her life.


She likes to plan, but doesn’t necessarily like letting life take its course.

That’s how she keeps control, at least she feels like it.

A Virgo woman provides excellent advice and knows how to listen when needed.

People with a problem like to share it with her and she will do her best to help them.

And it is for this reason that it attracts men with problems.

Subconsciously, they feel that Virgo women are able to help them get back on the right path.

It is not easy to be a woman whose shoulders take in all the burdens of the earth, but understanding, comforting, and counseling is in their nature when needed.


In her constant pursuit of balance and harmony, a Libra woman craves to be with someone who is her equal, someone who is able to give back whatever she gives.

But until she finds the man of her life, she will only attract men who are unsure of their choice, not ready to commit.

Being indecisive herself, a Libra woman will often find herself grappling with someone exactly like her.

Subconsciously, she might get along with him, even though she believes that in love, there is no room for uncertainty.

The almost relationships she tends to find herself in are not her cup of tea.


Scorpios are self-reliant and extremely confident. It is therefore not surprising that it is similar men who find them irresistible.

Independent men like Scorpios are the perfect partners for them.

Scorpio women are comfortable with loneliness, but they also dream of a serious relationship. Yet they would never settle for a mediocre relationship that did not suit them.

Above all, Scorpio women are the embodiment of passion and sensuality and they appeal to almost all genders of men.

However, only those with so much passion, confidence and independence will be truly bewitched.


Sagittarius women have a bohemian soul, dreaming of adventure more than anything else.

If they find themselves doing the same thing over and over again, they get bored very quickly and that’s why they need a little something new every now and then.

And yet, men who find them attractive are not that daring and adventurous.

They like stability and easily fall into a routine, which is a Sagittarius woman’s worst nightmare.

If they can’t find a compromise, their relationship is doomed.

But if they meet at the right time, when said Sagittarius is ready to settle down, they can be really happy together.


Capricorn women have an ancient conception of love . They don’t really appreciate the modern dating age.

They want to be courted by someone making an effort and showing kindness.

They dream of security and stability, but unfortunately for them, they attract men who do not share this desire.

They are sometimes afraid of being asshole magnets!

They make them turn their heads with their sense of humor and charm, until they move towards the exit.

A Capricorn woman needs and deserves someone who is a bit more like her, not those morons she keeps attracting.


If you want a living example of kindness, the Aquarius woman will be the one. She sees life in pink and she chooses to see only the good in people.

No wonder she is blinded, despite the multiple warning signs that stir before her eyes, shouting to her to keep away from the “players”.

They are drawn to his big heart, which they then take advantage of.

But they are unaware that Aquarius women will not tolerate abuse in any way.

They will stop seeing things in pink and expel them from their life as if they represent nothing.


Pisces women are often thought of as vases.

Their dreamy soul prompts them to seek peace and quiet through meditation.

But the men who are most attracted to them are, on the contrary, sociable and outgoing.

They like their serenity and the peace that their company gives them. In return, they shake them up a bit and pull them out of their fantasy world.

Even though Pisces women and the men they attract are very different, they end up finding a compromise and bringing together the best that they each have, to gradually move towards a loving relationship.

The Kind Of Man Unable To Resist You: Decryption Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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