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How Do You Know If He Is Cheating On You And Why? Decryption according to his astrological sign


Aries are spontaneous and unpredictable.

If your Aries suddenly doesn’t want to have spontaneous or unplanned romance, then you have a right to doubt their loyalty.

It is almost impossible for an Aries man not to want to take advantage of a spontaneous situation that is offered to him.

If this starts to happen more regularly, he’s almost sure to look elsewhere.

Don’t even think twice!

Why is he cheating?

Aries men need excitement in their lives and in their relationships.

If you’re not quite so hot and ready to rock, he’ll definitely leave you behind and find that excitement elsewhere.

This is the main reason why Aries men cheat.


You’ll know he’s not doing any good when he starts trying too hard to make his stories believable.

If he starts giving you excuses for things you haven’t even asked him to explain, then he’s hiding something from you – probably another woman.

Taurus men aren’t the type to cheat in general, but they can surprise you with one or two nasty moves, despite their good nature.

Why is he cheating?

Taurus men are extremely loyal, but they are also extremely sensual.

There may be times when they are drawn into an adventure just because of the excitement and for the sake of experiencing something new.

To conclude, it can be said that the lack of loyalty on the part of their partner is a huge factor in their infidelity.


Gemini get paranoid when it comes to their phones.

If you think they’ve been looking elsewhere, try to pick up their phone and their reaction will confirm your doubts.

You don’t even have to really poke around in her messages, you just need to ask her to see her reaction.

He won’t give it to you right away, when you ask him to. He will come back to you later, when he has “cleaned” his phone before you can use it.

The messages will be gone and the phone list will probably be empty of any evidence.

Why is he cheating?

If a Gemini man is cheating on you, his affair will most likely be more emotional than physical.

They are very intelligent people who crave intellectual challenges.

This is one of the most common reasons Gemini cheats.

To prevent him from cheating on you, engage in more conversation with your partner and show him that you are interested in the things he loves.


Cancers aren’t the cheating type, but that doesn’t mean they never cheat.

Cancers are almost always emotional, which means when they aren’t, they’re probably cheating on you.

Since having an affair is something that scares Cancer so much, they will be on edge and very nervous if they break the law of love.

Showing his emotional side isn’t a problem for him, so as long as he talks to you about his feelings, you have nothing to worry about.

Why is he cheating on you?

The number one reason most people cheat stems from low self-esteem. So they try to find approval elsewhere.

Usually they find a romantic partner, and spending time with that person makes them feel worth and important.

To prevent him from cheating on you, make sure he knows how much you care.


The Leo man is very smart when it comes to cheating, but on the other hand, the cover for these kinds of adventures ends up being uncovered.

Nonetheless, if you suspect your Leo is having an affair, sniff him when he gets home.

No, he won’t feel the woman all over him, he’s not that stupid.

Instead, he’ll be wearing tons of cologne to cover up his infidelity.

Why is he cheating?

Mr. Lion thinks only of excitement.

If he doesn’t have that excitement in his relationship, there is no need to think twice about looking elsewhere.

Leos are very Romantic beings, so if you take them out for another ride or two in the bedroom, it will intrigue them and prevent them from looking elsewhere.


Virgo men are used to having a pleasant and peaceful relationship without too many distractions and emotional disturbances.

If the insecurity in the relationship begins to set in, he is more likely to give up on it completely than to fight for it.

For them, it’s the perfect excuse to have an affair.

To prevent this from happening, try to do something nice for him. Virgo men love to be pampered.

Why is he cheating?

It’s simple. A Virgo man will cheat on you because he will need more attention from you.

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo man, you need to put in twice the effort to keep him.

It is not at all easy to manage.


Libra men like to keep their friends and family in the same jar.

One of the ways to suspect that he is cheating on you is to see him hanging out with people you don’t know.

In general, this is a very unlikely thing for a Libra man.

If he’s hanging out more with a new group of people than with you, then the person he’s cheating on you with is probably part of that group.

The Libra man will never take the risk of introducing you to people he doesn’t want you to meet, so you will never come across something by sheer luck.

Why is he cheating?

Libras are generally not the type to cheat.

They are very loyal and committed people.

If a Libra man strays from the path of loyalty, it is often because he gets too carried away.

Libras love to flirt and meet new people.

The only way for him to cheat on you is to take the flirting a bit too far.


Just like Libra men, Scorpio men are also very loyal.

They will only cheat you in extreme cases.

To be ready, there are some signs you need to be aware of that can alert you if your man is up to something.

If he suddenly changes his social media passwords and hides his phone from you, you should be wary.

Why is he cheating?

Scorpios are misunderstood 90% of the time.

People tend to believe that they are prone to infidelity when in fact it is quite the opposite.

The main reason why a Scorpio would cheat on you is probably down to you.

You are the one doing something wrong. Try to change your approach and things will get better.


The Sagittarius man won’t beat around the bush if he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

If he finds someone else more attractive than you, he will tell you without hesitation.

He might not tell you what he wants right away, but he will certainly give you some clues, like asking questions about your relationship and steer the conversation towards a possible “breakup”.

Why is he cheating on you?

It’s almost impossible to get hold of a Sagittarius man.

You will probably never be able to calm her fused personality.

He is used to getting lost and looking for new adventures.

Unfortunately, the commitment does not apply here.


There is one thing all Capricorns have in common when they do something wrong.

In general, they are no strangers to giving gifts when the opportunity arises.

But if your Capricorn starts buying things from you out of the blue, then you’ve got a problem.

The fact that he’s giving you gifts for romantic purposes is kind of fishy, ​​so don’t take it lightly without questioning if he’s cheating on you.

Why is he cheating on you?

Capricorns are very traditional, so infidelity is hardly ever an option for them.

Unless… you don’t disrespect them.

This is the only thing that could make them find attention and love elsewhere.


Aquarians are known for their honesty. So, if they have an affair, they will definitely tell you about it sooner or later.

You don’t have to worry about them lying, at least not for very long.

On the other hand, you can spot infidelity early on based on how your Aquarius behaves towards you.

If he talks about a person excessively and in a bad way, you should turn on your “infidelity speed cameras” because there is sure to be something fishy going on in his life.

Why is he cheating?

In general, Aquarians don’t like to cheat.

They are more likely to have neglected their partner by being too caught up in their new intellectual ideas, and therefore completely ignoring the person they are with.

While this is not always the case, often Aquarians are the ones solely responsible for their infidelity, simply because they are unpredictable.


Pisces men are generally in their own dream universe.

They don’t care so much about how they look or how other people see them.

You’ve probably already noticed this in your man and the way he acts.

But there’s another side to their behavior, when they start acting like they’ve done something wrong (and that almost always means they’ve done it).

Your usually ‘messy’ man suddenly begins to wash himself.

Nothing would be suspicious if he started to care a little more about his appearance, but getting a complete makeover all of a sudden is very fishy.

Why is he cheating?

Pisces men want magic in their life.

They don’t want anything ordinary, only things that are special.

It is difficult to support such personalities and not go crazy.

But one thing is for sure: if you don’t want him to cheat on you, give him a little more attention and love.

How Do You Know If He Is Cheating On You And Why? Decryption according to his astrological sign

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