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Astrological Signs Ranked From Most To Least Faithful

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Not everyone is unfaithful.

At the start of every relationship, everyone doubts everyone else.

Let’s face it, you haven’t really had the chance to get to know your partner well, so you ask yourself the most important question: is he faithful?

The first thing to know is that if he hasn’t cheated before, he won’t cheat now either. Unfaithful one day, always unfaithful.

Why? Because cheating is like an addiction.

A person capable of infidelity can’t resist temptation, so they cringe under pressure and do something as stupid as that, without thinking about the consequences and what it can do for the other.

Either way, always trust your instincts. If he tells you everything is fine, it probably is. Otherwise, confirm your suspicions.

When it comes to the realm of astrology, here are the signs ranked from most loyal to least:

1. Scorpio

Maybe romantic relationships are not their strong suit because they lose their temper easily and it takes a long time for them to be able to trust someone, not to mention that they are just as jealous.

But when it comes to being loyal, you can count on a Scorpio to death.

Once you gain his trust, you will have him forever.

Even when they don’t love anymore, Scorpios will stay by your side for as long as you need them.

If someone comes after you, even if you deserve it, you can still count on a Scorpio to protect you.

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2. Cancer

The bad thing about Cancers is that they succumb to gossip and because they can’t stand confrontation, and so they talk behind their backs.

Either way, Cancer is a lifelong partner. What sets them apart from Scorpio is that they like to engage.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, you can be sure that they will always be by your side – as they say – for better or for worse!

The only reason Cancer is second on this list is that Scorpio will remain steadfast even when you’re not so close anymore, while a Cancer’s protection ends with the end of the relationship. .

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3. Lion

Leos are often misjudged and wrongly accused of being selfish, including in a relationship.

While it is true that they can come across as arrogant and egotistical as they like to be in the spotlight and get all the attention they can get.

That said, when it comes to a relationship, Leos are a whole different thing.

When a Leo falls in love, they are ready to share everything with the person they love, including the attention of others.

Leos will stand up for the person they love with all their might.

When it comes to the people they love, they aren’t afraid to stick their claws out and they get overly protective.

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4. Taurus

Taurus will be devoted to you as long as you are together. They will never think of cheating on you, even in their wildest dreams.

The reason they’re not at the top of the list is because of their jealousy.

Even if they remain dedicated and never cheat, it is possible that their jealousy leads them to accuse you of cheating.

Other than that, you can consider yourself lucky to have a Taurus in your life. Once a Taurus loves you, they will love you forever.

They will want to spend every second of their free time with you.

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5. Balance

Libras have an obligation to make a real commitment to their partners. It is in their nature to love for eternity.

Their biggest problem is their indecision that often prevents them from moving forward.

For them it is not difficult to remain faithful, but more often than not it is that they are not sure that they are faithful to the right person.

Other than that, Libras are more than capable of loving and staying engaged, they just need to know that they are committed to the right person.

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6. Gemini

Gemini bears the label of the two-sided infidel. Since they have these two sides, they are said to change their minds very quickly and for no particular reason.

What we don’t know is that, in fact, Gemini are good at romantic relationships.

When they truly love someone, they will stay devoted until the end. The important thing is that their partner inspires them; there is therefore no need to worry.

Unfortunately, they have a bad reputation and people don’t trust them that easily, hence the low rankings.

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7. Aries

As long as you keep an Aries happy, they will stay loyal to you.

As soon as you take a wrong turn in your relationship and do something wrong, you will lose their affection.

Aries are adventurous and what they hate the most is boredom.

If they feel like they’re stuck in a rut, or the romance isn’t good, they’ll go ahead and seek pleasure elsewhere.

They won’t resist their urges if they find themselves tempted or if they are unhappy in a relationship.

If you give them everything they need then you are safe, but will know for how long, given that it is extremely tiring to keep that pace in a relationship.

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8. Virgo

When Virgos love, they are in it all the way, but as soon as they lose interest, they leave.

Their personality is similar to that of Aries.

They’re too insecure to pretend you’re cheating, but they’re also too insecure to leave you without any real proof.

Either way, they’ll be loyal to you if they really love you, but as soon as they lose interest in you for whatever reason, they’re going to take their toll.

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9. Capricorn

Capricorns aren’t that loyal, but that’s not something irreparable.

There is some confidence in them and they always know when to do the right thing.

His biggest problem with staying loyal is that he’s not with the right person.

More than once, a Capricorn can make a mistake and fall in love with someone who doesn’t want to commit and just can’t calm down.

So, naturally, they’re the ones who are devoted to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

The result is their dissatisfaction with the relationship since they are the only ones to make an effort, which pushes them to look elsewhere.

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10. Pisces

In theory, Pisces are not infidels. They are devoted to one person – that is, if you consider that emotional deception is not cheating.

They are deeply emotional, which means they care more about the heart side than the physical side of a relationship.

As long as they are with someone who values ​​physical relationships more than emotional relationships, that person is safe, but if the person they are dating is as emotional as them, the emotional deception will be a huge deal. problem.

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11. Aquarius

Aquarians are always successful in seeing into the afterlife. They are eternal saviors, those who always have a plan.

Whenever you get into trouble, you can count on the Aquarian intellect to save you.

Unfortunately, this is why you cannot trust them that they will stay loyal.

They will sacrifice their relationship in the blink of an eye for a better cause.

Believe me, they’ll throw your relationship in the trash if they see an opportunity to make the world a better place.

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12. Sagittarius

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If you want to choose the zodiac sign that you will have the most fun with, then you are right to choose Sagittarius.

The party never ends where they came from.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for someone to hang out with, you should probably keep looking because Sagittarians aren’t always ready to commit, and aren’t always able to dedicate themselves to just one person for them. the life.

Sagittarians are tempted by pleasure and the unknown. Being in a relationship is only exciting for the first few weeks.

After that, they may get bored and need something new. That’ll mean you’re on the bench, sorry!

Astrological Signs Ranked From Most To Least Faithful

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