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Astrological couples who function despite everything

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Aries + Cancer

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Aries loves being the savior, and naturally Cancer takes on the role of the person who needs a hero. Together, they form a fairytale couple.

Aries needs to be a hero, and in this story, he’s Prince Charming on a white horse who saves his damsel in distress.

Ultimately, they end up galloping together until sunset and living happily ever after until the end of time.

This couple get together well because Cancers don’t always know how to protect themselves and save themselves from something.

This is why there are people like Aries who ensure their safety.

Aries likes to be the keeper, although sometimes they get tired of being the one who has to make all the decisions.

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Taurus + Pisces

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Taurus and Pisces are no strangers to packing their things up and going to a whole new place. This is especially true if they have concerns.

They don’t take stress so well, and the first thing that comes to their mind is to leave.

It might not be so smart having two people who can’t handle the stress in a relationship, but Taurus and Pisces make it work.

They make a perfect couple because when one of them is stressed, the other gives them all their support because they know exactly how they are feeling.

And it will stay that way until the stressed one calms down. They are perfect for each other.

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Gemini + Scorpio

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This couple are a little scary, but they work perfectly well together. They both have strong personalities.

Everywhere they go, they are not afraid to show that they are responsible and handle the situation.

It’s like they’re a couple of bad guys. They are domineering, witty, cunning, and together they work perfectly.

When one of them is in trouble, they pair up and solve the problem in seconds.

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Leo + Capricorn

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One of the most important things to know about this couple is that they are led by power.

They will both scramble to make the relationship work.

They never give up and are drawn to fame, money and success.

They will never let each other down, but neither will they ever stop competing with each other.

Sometimes they can go too far, but they’re both smart enough that they know when to stop while there’s still time.

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Virgo + Libra

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These two signs are extremely powerful. They are beautiful people who together form an unstoppable force.

Their strength and the amount of effort they put in is what makes their relationship unshakeable.

They both have ridiculously high expectations of each other, so they spend their entire relationship trying to improve each other and be better than the other.

You think that kind of relationship wouldn’t work, but somehow the power they have makes it all possible.

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Sagittarius + Aquarius

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Both of these signs are well known for their ability to say what they are thinking, no matter what.

When they firmly believe in something, they will do whatever they can to prove what they say and get what they want.

The two are like superheroes fighting for justice, but together they make a team. And they work really well together.

The only potential problem is that they’re a little emotionally distant, but since they’re both the same, they make it work.

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Astrological couples who function despite everything

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