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What Type Of Drunkard You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign


Since you’re competitive, you won’t be able to resist the urge to try and win a drinking game.

And when you’re drunk enough, your tongue has a mind of its own. You will speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

Other than that, you’re extremely fun when you’re drunk, but other people should be careful, because if they can’t stand the truth, you’re better off avoiding yourself after a few shots.


No matter what kind of blues your friends are having, you’ll get them out of there. You take alcohol to a whole new level, very funny.

You make your friends laugh with your goofy funny demeanor or spend the night on the dance floor and make sure everyone around you who is watching is having the night of their lives.


When you get drunk, you are everywhere. One minute you are with your group of friends and the next minute they have no idea where you are.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you woke up at dawn in the bushes outside your house rather than in your bed.

Also, you are usually not very talkative, but after a few drinks no one can shut you up.

You will open up to anyone who is polite enough to listen to you.


Alcohol only makes your emotional side more transparent. You will definitely end up crying on a night out, but the only thing that will decide what you cry about is the quality of your day.

Either you are going to cry in anger because you saw your ex with someone new or you are going to cry because you saw an adorable puppy on the street and it was the cutest thing you had ever seen .


Of course, when you drink, the spotlight is on you. You take over the dance floor and act like you’re the best dancer in the world.

Your confidence level attracts people, whether you can dance or not.

Another of your weaknesses when you’re drunk is flirting. You can’t resist a harmless little flirtation.

Of course, you would never do anything if you’re already in a relationship, but you do like to see where things could go.


THE FLIRT !!! You don’t feel any pressure when you’re flirting drunk and you do it perfectly. You can seduce someone in two steps.

Best of all, people don’t even notice you’re drunk.

But there is another aspect of your drinking, which is vulgarity and bad thinking. It can go both ways.


Scales are super-social and are the draw of any party, but don’t know when to stop drinking. They simply have no limits.

In fact, they do, but only when they pass out in the bathroom and have to go home.


An evening with you can be a roller coaster ride. No one knows what will happen or how you will react, it all depends on your alcohol level.

Most of the time, you really don’t care what to say or to whom.

If you offend someone you will never apologize, not even the next day, but you can count on people who are won over by your brilliant and sarcastic jokes.


You like to make people laugh when you are drunk. Your jokes are hilarious, so there’s no need to worry.

You’re ready to try anything new and go where someone suggests you go.

In addition, you don’t care what other people say or think and you make a fool of yourself. But as you don’t care, it’s funny and charming.


When you are drunk, all of those emotions that you are in control of suddenly get out of hand.

So you make up for everything that you missed.

This is why you want to hang out and drink with your best friends, because you know that they will take care of you and that they will come for you when you fall – literally and metaphorically.


When you’re drunk, you never take things seriously. With a glass of liquor in hand, you are awkward and charming and hardly anyone can resist you.

While you have everyone’s attention from the moment you walk into the room, you engage them even more by telling stories. It’s kind of your thing.


You are very bold when you drink and there isn’t one thing you can’t or can’t do.

You will always be the last to stay outside, unless you pass out somewhere before the last tour.

Most of the time you create a mess wherever you drink and sometimes that can screw things up, because people just don’t want to put up with your number.

What Type Of Drunkard You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

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