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Girlfriends ranked from worst to best according to their zodiac sign

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12. Virgo

Virgo women are very manic and orderly in everything they do, so they do whatever they can to make their relationship as perfect as possible.

By doing this, they drive their partner crazy.

They will tell him how to dress and demand that he be as neat and neat as possible with them.

Someone who doesn’t agree with this is going to have a hard time getting along with a Virgo.

The biggest problem with Virgo is their lack of self-confidence.

In her pursuit of perfection, she has become his biggest critic. Nothing about her is enough for him.

This state of mind has affected her self-esteem, so she still needs reassurance and approval from her partner which can get heavy over time.

Because of this, Virgo women tend to be jealous.

They want to know exactly what their partner is doing whenever they are not together, which makes it difficult to maintain a relationship.

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11. Scorpio

To date a Scorpio, you have to really know them well. She may be intimidating at first, but her cold appearance actually hides a sensitive heart.

Scorpios want to be in control of everything around them, including their relationship. They know it’s their biggest flaw, but they can’t always help it.

They set the bar very high and don’t lower their demands when they choose to hang out with someone.

A man has to be up to it to date a Scorpio, who won’t be satisfied with mediocrity.

They are very frank, which is both an asset and a curse. Not everyone can take this honesty.

That’s why a Scorpio needs someone strong who embraces their straightforwardness, no matter how tough it is.

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10. Aries

Patience is not a virtue possessed by the Aries woman. She wants it all now, and there is no time to waste.

This is why his relationship is moving fast.

She likes to feel like she’s in control and the last word on everything.

She’s very dominant, so she needs someone totally opposite to make the relationship hold.

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9. Taurus

A Taurus woman is the archetype of the strong, independent woman, so much so that she will rarely ask a man for help, which makes men feel a little bit unhelpful.

A Taurus builds things slowly, they don’t rush.

She doesn’t like men who take her for granted or try to play with her – she immediately rejects them.

She needs a man who calls her and sends her messages first, and who makes an effort to be with her.

It will respond to efforts with efforts, and to coldness with coldness. She’s not the type to run after someone.

She has a big heart, but always follows her reason and her intuition. That’s why no one can play it with her.

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8. Cancer

The Cancer woman is the most emotional of all the astrological signs. She has a very sensitive heart which she does not hesitate to show to everyone.

She doesn’t hide her feelings, everything is clear with her.

When she does something, she does it thoroughly. She will give everything to someone she cares about, and will bend over backwards to make that person feel loved.

The downside is that she can overdo it and forget about herself in her love for the other.

By doing this, her self-confidence decreases and she becomes dependent on who she is with.

She is so afraid of losing the other that she will suffocate him with exaggerated signs of affection, or with jealousy.

A Cancer can be the best or the worst girlfriend, depending on their ability to control their emotions.

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7. Lion

She radiates confidence. She’s looking for someone with a personality as strong as hers, otherwise they couldn’t coexist.

She doesn’t like it when things are too easy, so seducing or being seduced doesn’t bother her.

The downside is that she always chooses the wrong man.

Very confident and charming fliers are always his first choice.

She thinks she can turn the tide to get the game played by her rules. But it never works.

Leo women aren’t the worst girlfriends, they’re even pretty cool, but they tend to make bad decisions.

They are generally interested in men who prefer “no fuss” relationships rather than serious ones.

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6. Aquarius

An Aquarius woman combines impulsiveness, intelligence and independence.

She values ​​her freedom above all else, so much so that she prefers a relationship where she feels free.

She hates boredom and needs a dynamic and energetic partner.

She needs to be happy in her relationship, and needs someone as smart as she is.

She thinks a lot, which causes her to notice things that few people see, both about others and herself.

This is why her partner will feel like he cannot meet her expectations, while she will have the same problem with herself.

She will always think she can do better.

She needs a partner who she can lean on and who will boost her self-confidence, until she understands that she is fine the way she is and that she needs to work on her self-esteem. self.

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5. Gemini

The Gemini woman has two faces – on the one hand open and sociable, and on the other more withdrawn and dark.

She will always favor the bright side as a couple, but will stay with someone who also accepts her dark side.

Because of that, she’s the most tolerant girlfriend we can have.

She never judges her partner, but does her best to understand him and help him as much as she can.

She respects loyalty above all else, so if you betray her once, there won’t be a second chance.

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4. Capricorn

The Capricorn woman is very dominant, both in life and in her marriage. She always does her best in a relationship, so she expects the other to do the same.

For her, reciprocity is the basis of everything.

She needs unexpected signs of affection, a listening ear, and the love and support that she gives to herself, otherwise she will rather have nothing.

Half love is not enough for him.

She demonstrates resilient loyalty, and will always stand up for those who matter to her, even when they’re not around to hear her.

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3. Libra

Libra women love balance. They don’t like to go to extremes in their relationships.

They do not like sudden changes, and avoid conflict at all costs. Unfortunately, this is not always good.

The Libra woman ignores things rather than confronting them face to face.

She internalizes everything until she explodes, and often by then it is already too late.

She is charming and charismatic, likes to socialize and will include her partner in a good part of her life.

However, she can put herself at the center of attention in spite of herself, which causes jealousy in her partner.

That said, she will dump a jealous partner soon enough, as she doesn’t like to be controlled.

The Libra woman needs a partner who leaves her free to be herself.

She is gentle, kind, and loving. She puts the well-being of her partner above her own, which is not always good for her.

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2. Sagittarius

The only rival a Sagittarius woman knows is herself. She will be her own biggest critic.

However, she will do just the opposite for the person she loves.

She will support that person constantly, and make them believe in themselves.

She will think about who she is with first, and put her needs aside, which is not good for her.

She will always look at things from the other’s point of view, never drawing hasty conclusions.

Thus, conflict situations in her relationship will often be resolved thanks to her.

She is very passionate, especially with the one she loves. The word “boredom” is not part of his vocabulary.

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1. Fish

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A Pisces woman needs someone who will take the first step, and give of her own, to reach her well protected heart.

She is shy by nature, so she needs someone who isn’t afraid to woo her.

At least, it is in the beginning. After a while, she will open up and let her guard down.

When it does, whoever she’s with will understand that he has fallen on a real nugget.

A Pisces woman is both the best friend and the best of lovers, which makes her the perfect girlfriend.

She is someone who can be confided in and cuddled all night long.

She knows how to keep a secret, and will be a real rock for her partner. She is strong and supportive.

She’s the kind of woman you cling to.

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Girlfriends ranked from worst to best according to their zodiac sign

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