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6 Zodiac Signs That Struggle To Say “I Love You”

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” I love you. ”Three little words so simple and yet, a lot of feelings.

While saying “I love you” is the easiest thing for some zodiac signs, others have a hard time saying it.

Read on to understand why this is so.



If they don’t love a person with all their heart, body and soul, they won’t say it. Gemini have no problem expressing their feelings; they just want to be sure that their feelings are real and genuine.

Gemini don’t like to play with other people’s hearts and this is the main reason why they will only use these big words when they really mean them and not for a second before.

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Even if they are indecisive by nature, when they do fall in love, they don’t think twice, and give themselves a hundred percent or not at all.

However, a Libra will feel the need to say these famous three words much sooner than they will dare to say them out loud. She’ll want to make sure the other person feels the same first.

In the meantime, Libra will use phrases that mean “I love you” in a way that only they will understand, such as: “Text me so I know you have made it home safely. “, ” Are you hungry ? “,” Did you sleep well last night? “, Etc.

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Virgos have their own rules that the rest of the world might consider strict. Still, a Virgo’s analytical mind does its best to keep their heart from getting ahead.

Virgos prefer to wait until they have truly found someone who is compatible with them on all levels before embarking on big declarations of love.

They prefer to be sure that there is almost no risk of things going wrong.

Virgos protect their hearts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have stronger and deeper feelings than others.

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Scorpios, especially men, are not very good at expressing their emotions. They feel it intensely, but their fear of rejection prevents them from saying the big three words easily.

It can take a long time for a Scorpio to admit how they are really feeling. But it’s worth the wait. If a Scorpio can say these three little words, they really mean it.

He will only say that when he sees the person he is with as someone he wants to commit to for the long term. Scorpios don’t waste their words, they are true to everything they say.

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Capricorns aren’t very change-oriented, and saying “I love you” by default takes a relationship to a whole new level.

Therefore, they will wait until the moment when they feel secure enough in the relationship to say so.

They are building their relationship brick by brick and they are slow enough to get things done, their partners may even be tired of waiting for them to finally admit their feelings.

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If you ask an Aquarius, words mean nothing. Showing love is always better than saying it.

So, if you are lucky enough to be loved by an Aquarius, they will do their best to make you feel their love.

He will always take time for you, text you regularly, be by your side through good and bad times, listen to you, respect you and make an effort.

Come to think of it, is there a better way to say “I love you” than through concrete action?

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6 Zodiac Signs That Struggle To Say "I Love You"

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