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Your zodiac sign should wear these fashion labels

Cancers are sensitive, Leo love luxury and Aries show what they have: Your zodiac sign not only has its own personality traits, but also individual fashion preferences. These fashion labels match your zodiac sign.


A strong zodiac sign needs strong colors. Also in the form of individual accessories, such as handbags, belts or shoes in neon colors. Your fashion labels are Sandro, Kenzo, Lanvin and Sonia Rykiel. They offer statement fashion in strong colors.


You love it straightforward and prefer to leave only natural substances on your skin. Soft, flowing materials in an outdoor-inspired fashion look. Sporty trench coats or cargo pants in muted colors such as khaki, cream white or beige. Fashion labels like Acne, Closed and Massimo Dutti serve just the right thing for your fashion style.


You don’t take fashion too seriously and love to play with it and try yourself out over and over again. So how about fashion labels that always offer you the latest trends? Topshop, Native Youth but also Zara are the right addresses.


You love retro fashion. You rarely allow yourself to be influenced by current trends and at most pick out individual pieces that you then combine to create your boho style. It should be romantic, girly for your zodiac sign. Labels like Free People, For Love and Lemons but also French Connection offer you some inspiration for your fashion style.


Your open, positive nature is also expressed in your styling. Match your zodiac sign (who would have thought it) animal prints, warm, bold colors and golden accessories. Fashion labels such as & OtherStories, Vila and Modström offer you fashion with a wow factor.


Purism is your hobby. You don’t need high-end fashion labels or provocative styles to attract attention. Fashion labels such as H&M, Esprit or S.Oliver also offer you classic pieces .   

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