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Your zodiac sign reveals the perfect marriage proposal

It is one of the most important moments in your life. Emotional, conservative, funny, imaginative? What should the perfect marriage proposal look like? The stars can read your mind.

Over five years ago , a YouTube video went around the world that over 4.2 million people saw. Amy sat in an open trunk while the car drove slowly. She had headphones on and was hearing “Marry You” from Bruno Mars. Her friends and family sang and danced in front of Amy before her boyfriend proposed marriage to her. It’s hard to beat when it comes to creativity.

Whether you want to be surrounded by your loved one in intimate togetherness or rather by your friends and family while he asks the question of all questions also depends on the zodiac sign. Your personal zodiac sign tells you what your dream marriage proposal should look like.


As an Aries-born you are curious and find it exciting to learn new things . You will then be happy to share your experiences with your friends and family. You can’t imagine anything better than getting a marriage proposal on a fascinating trip such as the Taj Mahal in India.


You have always liked great ideas . As a Taurus lady, you are inspired by innovative strength. For you, there is nothing worse than a traditional marriage proposal where your partner just kneels in front of you. It can’t be boring under any circumstances. A spontaneous flight to Las Vegas or a trip to Paris can inspire you.


You can’t be impressed quickly. In your dreams, your partner has prepared something very original for the question of all questions – great atmosphere, right moment and a beautiful ring. An application to the Spanish Steps in Rome could inspire you.


In your fantasies, you get married in a white wedding dress . If you were born with Cancer, you love romance. A classic marriage proposal as you know it from love movies would be your dream. The ideal time and place for you would be in Venice on the Grand Canal on a boat trip with a gondolier who sings Italian songs.


As a lioness, you like to be the center of attention and long for a proposal that you don’t share with your loved one alone . He can make an impression on you if he is planning something big that will cause a stir in public, for example a marriage proposal on the radio, in a newspaper advertisement or on a billboard.


As a Virgo-born nothing is more important to you than togetherness with your sweetheart . You don’t want to share the most intimate and important moment of your life with many people. “Yes, I do” you say to your loved one in private. You like it when he proposes you with profound actions that remind you of wonderful moments together.


The stars reveal that, as a Libra, you like to use your charm and attraction. People around you like to admire you, even if you tell your friends about your marriage proposal. When you propose to marry, you prefer to be alone with your darling. In your wishful thinking, you are asked the romantic question for life on the Eiffel Tower in the city of love .


As a Scorpio lady, you planned your wedding as a teenager . You wrote everything down in a diary or notebook. You know what your ring, wedding dress and honeymoon should look like. Your marriage proposal should be very romantic.


You like to take everything into your own hands. If your loved one does not seem too close to you, consider proposing to him or her yourself. But deep down inside you wish he would ask you. You just have to be patient , because he’s waiting for the perfect time.


Traditions are important to you – also when it comes to love and marriage. He impresses you when he asks your parents for approval. He also organizes a romantic candlelight dinner. On his knees with a beautiful ring, he will ask for your hand. All of your wishes will come true.


As an Aquarian you see a lot of things realistically and you are a down-to-earth guy. Actually, you don’t necessarily have to get married. But if you want to plan a long-term future with your partner , then you are not averse to a wedding. It is important to you that it takes place simply and without much effort.


Your big goal in life is to be asked by your sweetheart if you want to become his wife. The perfect setting with an atmospheric atmosphere and romantic music should fit. And then it is only important to you that you are with your loved one. Whether you are alone or with your friends when proposing marriage is not a priority for you.

Your zodiac sign reveals the perfect marriage proposal

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