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Which lipstick suits me? Your zodiac sign tells you that

Fiery red or natural beige? The choice of your lipstick reflects your personality. In this way, your zodiac sign can also tell you which lipstick suits you.


“Which lipstick suits me?” Aries need not ask himself this question. For a fire sign is clearly the color Ro t the right choice. It reflects your temperament and your passion.


Since you already have a sensual charisma, you can do without intense color and shiny lip gloss. Warm beige tones or coral red are best for you as earth symbols , as they underline your naturalness.


The creativity that characterizes your zodiac sign should also be reflected in the color of your lipstick. That is why bright lipsticks such as intense pink or even a glittering lip gloss are ideal for your type.


You impress with your natural charisma and your tremendous charm. Often you wonder which lipstick is right for you. Avoid bright tones! It is better to underline your naturalness with soft colors such as a rosewood tone .


The proud lion loves to be the center of attention. It’s logical that the classic red lipstick is on your program as a fire sign . A typical signal color that is definitely a real eye-catcher.


The virgin’s lipstick has to match the rest of her outfit one hundred percent. As a perfectionist, you don’t compromise. Since you like to dress in soft colors and also choose your accessories, delicate rosé tones are the ideal complement.


This zodiac sign has a strong need for harmony. That’s why you would never use extravagant colors for your make-up. Classically red tones look best on you, fine-tuned to the rest of your outfit .


Mysterious and mystical – that best reflects the character of the scorpion. And that is exactly what should be expressed in the color of your lipstick. Dark tones such as deep purple emphasize your charisma best.


Sagittarius are very open to the world and like to explore other cultures. They even express their enthusiasm for multiculturalism. They are therefore best suited to dark red tones , which are reminiscent of a bazaar in terms of the color spectrum and are somewhat exotic.


The down-to-earth nature of this zodiac sign is also evident in its love for classic style. Bright sounds or wild experiments are not your thing. You stay true to your deep red lipstick , as it gives you timeless elegance.


Your curiosity makes you a hip and trendy guy. If you are preparing for an extended club tour, you love to experiment with fancy lipstick colors. In daylight it can also be a bright pink .


The dreamy Pisces women are mostly reserved and sensitive. The gaudy appearance, unlike the Aquarius, does not correspond to your character. Therefore, as a romantic zodiac sign, it is better to use lipsticks with delicate colors such as a subtle rose .

Which lipstick suits me? Your zodiac sign tells you that

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