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Some men and women are extremely jealous, damaging their love relationship. Therefore, it is useful to know the signs of the most jealous people in the Zodiac.

Jealousy is not great quality, although some argue that it is a good thing for someone to express jealousy for the loved one. However, it is linked to negative feelings.

Many are unaware, but the word jealousy comes from the Latin term zelūmen, from zero, «envy». Jealousy can be a feeling of envy of someone who is in a more favorable context (a better economic situation, someone who has met a wonderful person…), someone who has something the jealous person wants to have…

Jealousy is more associated with the feeling of possession about something or someone. Therefore, when someone who is desired is wanted by someone else, the jealous person manifests jealousy. Jealousy is a feeling generated by the desire of someone wanting to keep a certain person for themselves and not being able to share that person effectively.

Thus, it does not look favorably upon the loved one being able to smile, play, socialize with another person. Now, a jealous person is a person dominated by fear. You feel jealous, a castrating feeling that is generated by the suspicion of your partner’s infidelity.

Zodiac: the signs of the most jealous people

Aquarius: the signs of the most jealous people

12th Aquarius (21/01 to 19/02)

This is the least jealous sign. A relationship with this sign is more rational, being done without demands or discussions, as it should be.

If something comes up that bothers you, the Aquarius person knows that the best position to take is to have an honest conversation with the pair. Thus, he is a person more dominated by reason than emotion. However, even this person can be jealous of the loved one.

Sagittarius: the signs of the most jealous people

11th Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

A person of the sign Sagittarius is not very possessive, as they prefer to believe that everyone should be responsible for their actions. However, if that person is betrayed, he doesn’t forgive and moves on to someone else. A person of the sign Sagittarius says what he thinks, without fear of hurting.

Gemini/Gemini: the signs of the most jealous people

10th Gemini (05/21 to 06/20)

A Gemini/Gemini person doesn’t like to get into jealousy scenes and doesn’t make a fuss. You don’t have the personality to get into this kind of behavior. Choose to enjoy your freedom, respecting that of others.

However, it can be a bit fickle. A Gemini/Gemini person is not irritated by trivialities but may be irritated if the partner or partner says something nonsensical.

Libra/Libra: the signs of the most jealous people

9th Libra (09/23 to 10/22)

A Libra/Libra sign is a sensible person, who prefers to value harmony in the relationship.

Although you may feel jealous, try to resolve any issue at the time, betting on a good conversation that restores confidence, being a procedure that allows you to avoid a discussion that can occur later. He prefers to bet on an atmosphere of pure romanticism.

Virgo: the signs of the most jealous people

8th Virgo (23/08 to 22/09)

A person of the sign Virgo is discreet in jealousy, being a sincere person who prefers to reveal to the loved one that he does not like some attitude that the person did.

This type of person prefers to wait until the pair earns their trust. Until then, you will be arming yourself against treachery. He is a very demanding person. If there is a lack of commitment on the part of the loved one, he begins to conclude that love is over.

Capricorn: the signs of the most jealous people

7th Capricorn (12/22 to 01/20)

A person of the sign Capricorn does not admit infidelity but also rebels against any bolder attitude of the loved one. That kind of behavior goes against your convictions.

But, neither does the style of this sign leave for public discussion. It is essential to have trust in the relationship, always. Thus, if the slightest doubt arises about the other’s behavior, the reason prevails over the feeling, leaving distance as a solution.

Aries/Aries: the signs of the most jealous people

6th Aries/Aries (03/21/04)

A person of the Aries/Aries sign often reveals an impulsive personality. Therefore, if the partner’s behavior is more liberal, he is easily out of patience.

Therefore, it easily reveals a fit of jealousy. He doesn’t calm down easily, so because he’s an impatient and impulsive person, he’s likely to do something drastic.

Leo: the signs of the most jealous people

5th Leo (22/07 to 22/08)

A Leo person not only tends to be faithful but regularly reveals trust in their partner. However, the problem is when something comes up that truly arouses distrust. Then, a quick transformation comes and never forgets the betrayal.

Pisces: the signs of the most jealous people

4th Pisces (20/02 to 20/03)

A person of the sign Pisces turns out to be a very emotional person, who likes to fantasize about things, something that can be problematic because, if your love seems to be something distant, it will soon arouse suffering in you and the suspicion of a betrayal will arise.

A person of the sign Pisces tends to be jealous, often exaggerating a little in the conclusions drawn and in behavior, as the arguments turn out to be quite ugly.

Crab/Cancer: The Signs of the Most Jealous People

3rd Cancer (06/21/07)

A person with the sign of Cancer/Cancer is a sensitive person who needs constant declarations of love. So if you find a partner who is more outgoing and has a more active social side, there are problems.

If the partner has many friends, jealousy easily emerges. Therefore, people of this sign tend to feel that something is wrong or that the person they care about is acting the wrong way.

Therefore, they tend to change their behavior, easily withdraw and become defensive, waiting for the partner to regain interest in the relationship.

Scorpio: the signs of the most jealous people

2nd Scorpio (10/23 to 11/21)

A Scorpio person tends to have a more intense personality and often proves to be a faithful person.

However, if you realize that there is any threat to your partner, then you start watching the steps of the loved one. Thus, a Scorpio sign tends to show jealousy and may even be vindictive.

Taurus: the signs of the most jealous people

1st Taurus (05/21/05)

A person of the sign Taurus tends to be too jealous. Therefore, this sign is at the top of this list. There is constant distrust. Any detail causes a crisis of jealousy, motivating constant discussions.

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