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If you want to conquer a Leo man, you need to understand his thirst for freedom. Because the Leo is a very self-confident and active character. We have put together 5 tips for you to win the lion over.

How to Conquer a Leo Man

Zodiac signs reveal a lot about typical character traits. You can take advantage of this when getting to know a partner. We’ll reveal 5 tips to help you conquer a Leo man.

  1. Let him hunt. Similar to the predator, the Leo-man wants to conquer his prey himself. So give the man the opportunity to approach you and don’t make it easy for him. Leo likes a long period of getting to know each other.
  2. Offer a challenge. Since the Leo man usually has a very active and fulfilling life, you are the icing on the cake. Show him what exciting things can be experienced with you and offer the lion an incentive why he needs to get to know you.
  3. Be understanding. On the one hand the Leo is so self-confident and full of character, but on the other hand also sensitive. Show patience and understanding if he sometimes withdraws during the getting to know each other and feels a little restricted in his freedom.
  4. Support him.  Dreams, goals, and plans play a huge role in the life of the Leo man. Therefore, be fire and flame for his visions and encourage him in his actions. He will thank you with affection.
  5. Set boundaries. If the Leo tries to play with you and challenge you, you should show them your limits. Because Leo men prefer strong women who know what they want and can handle male dominance.

These zodiac signs match Leo

Some  zodiac signs  harmonize particularly well with each other in love, other constellations tend to result in critical couples. We’ll tell you which partners are a good match for a Leo man.

  • Capricorn:  The Capricorn gives the Leo the recognition and attention they need. He is a haven of calm to the wild Leo man. The two zodiac signs also fit perfectly with each other passionately.
  • Gemini:  Gemini and Leo have a lot of fun together and swim on the same wavelength. Although both have strong characters, they prevail and at the same time allow themselves the freedom they need.
  • Libra:  Libra is the balancing pole for the active Leo man and grounds him when he needs it. Since both partners need space, they harmonize very well in this area.

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