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How any zodiac sign handles anger in a relationship


You lose your temper without warning. You spit out words that you later regret and apologize for.


When you are really angry you burst into tears. You hate getting so emotional, but you can’t help but cry.


When you are angry you need space. You need to spend some time apart from your human to cool off.


You express your anger with passive-aggressive behavior. You punish the other with silence and drop a thousand hints of how pissed off you are.


When you’re angry, you make your person feel guilty. You make him feel shitty for hurting you.


You need time alone with your thoughts. You process your anger so you can really understand what is bothering you before you discuss it with the other person.


You show your anger – without explaining your anger. You let your partner guess what could be wrong because you don’t want to tell them yourself.


You become very still. You withdraw completely and pull up your walls.


You swear everything is fine You hide your real feelings in order to keep the peace.


You are ruthlessly honest. You list all the reasons why you are angry and hope that your partner has a good explanation for you.


Over time, you will become resentful and bitter. You actually don’t express your anger until you hit boiling point and explode.


You casually mention what upset you. You’re trying to make it joke, even if it’s killing you inside.

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