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What every zodiac sign means when they say “I love you”

When you say “I love you” does it always mean “I am here for you…” or “I am obliged to you…”?

When a man utters these three magical words, it can have different meanings.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, take a deep dive to find out what exactly he is trying to convey to you.

Zodiac signs play a huge role when it comes to love, attraction, feelings, and building romantic relationships.

Since the ancient Babylonian era, the stars have been believed to influence character traits and events in a person’s life.

Aries – “I’m totally in love with everything you do”

Just as they are deeply committed to any task, so are they deeply committed to their loved ones.

Your love is as strong as a rock and with every message and every look your heart begins to pound like a hammer hitting a nail.

An “I love you” from them just proves that you are literally their everything, from the smallest particle to the universe.

Taurus – “I trust you”

These people tend to be more careful while making decisions in their life.

Investing their trust in limited people and also showing their love for the other person is a big deal and therefore an “I love you” from these people shows signs of comfort and trust in another person.

Gemini – “I show my true colors near you”

Because Gemini has a perfect mix of social and intimate lifestyles, they end up discussing hot gossip about their everyday lives, but lack understanding and emotional attachment to their partner.

Because they lack clarity about their own thoughts and decisions, it is difficult for them to open up.

A Gemini “I love you” proves that you are the only person in the world to show the real you to and to share your private things with.

Cancer – “Never Go Away!”

As overwhelmed and personable people in a relationship, Cancers truly fall in love.

Since they’re as sticky as chewing gum, they just don’t want to part with their partner.

So when they say “I love you” they are basically saying that you are one of their priorities and leaving them would break them.

Leo – “You won”

Being clingy by their behavior and nature, they find it difficult to make decisions because they see everything from one perspective.

You are a philanthropist and draw attention to yourself.

Finding and reconciling with someone is expected, so an “I love you” is the greatest recognition one can receive.

Virgo – “I see a long-term relationship with you”

An “I love you” means a committed relationship when it comes out of the mouth of a Virgo.

As a safe and well organized zodiac sign they demand a balance in their life and when they say “I love you” they look to the future and are ready to commit.

Libra – “I understand you or at least try to”

Not being able to understand others – that is one of the greatest challenges for Libra.

They limit themselves to themselves, do not look beyond their limits and yet go to great lengths to understand whoever they are in love with.

And “I love you” from them would mean pushing their boundaries to understand you.

Scorpio – “I will protect you”

Ambitious, fearful and manipulative are the key words associated with the nature of Scorpio, but if you fall on their good side they are the most caring of people and will shield you from any possible danger.

Staying away from large crowds to show affection and “I love you” is an important clue on their part.

Sagittarius – “I am an active part in our relationship – at least for the moment”

Sagittarius love happiness and are always looking for new ways and are very undecided about the future.

While some of them are dedicated, the rest of them believe in falling from one place to another.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t the right ones; only that their pleasure is short-lived.

Capricorn – “Success is the life’s work”

Since they put careers above everything and are masters of their craft, Capricorns tend to torment themselves in the field of love.

The main reason is that love would distract them.

So when the words “I love you” are uttered, you are ready to be part of a great success story.

Aquarius – “By fire or ice. I will always be there for you. “

Aquarians have a dynamic and optimistic outlook, yet the word attachment is a major phobia and they tend to run away from serious relationships.

But once those fears are overcome and the words “I love you” come out of your mouth, they will stand like a wall and stay with you forever.

Pisces – “I will forgive you for all your mistakes”

Pisces are known to be incorrigible romantics.

Forgiveness is one of their questionable qualities.

So when a Pisces says, “I love you,” it means that they will forgive any mistake

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