How do I notice that my dual soul is thinking of me? 9 signs that reveal everything!

Wherever you are on your dual soul journey, it is likely that you are asking yourself, “How do I know my dual soul is thinking of me?”

Fortunately, these signs do exist. A feeling of familiarity.

A rush of emotions that do not fit the situation you are in. A strong dream that you cannot forget.

These are possible signs that your dual soul is thinking of you, and there are many more.

Wherever you are in relation to your dual soul there are always signs pointing to the higher purpose of that relationship.

This applies if you have reunited with your dual soul, were separated from each other or have not yet met …

A dual soul relationship is one of the most intense relationships you will ever experience in your life.

If you’ve met your dual soul and are currently separated, or if you haven’t met them yet but know they are out there, you are probably asking yourself, “How do I know my dual soul is thinking of me?”

After all, you are thinking of them, so it would be nice to know if they are thinking of you too.

Fortunately, there are some surefire signs that your dual soul is actually thinking of you.

How can I notice that my dual soul is thinking of me?

One of the most frequently asked questions about twin souls is, “Does my dual soul think of me?”.

The path that Gemini souls choose to be together can be complicated.

He will transform you into a new and better person, but there are all kinds of dangers, trials, and pitfalls in the process.

Sometimes they have to stop talking to each other in order to be together. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow them to be together and they have to go through a period of separation before they can actually be together.

What does my dual soul think about me?

In times of separation it can be difficult to see if your dual soul is still thinking of you and cares for you, but you can easily find out if she is thinking of you with the help of these signs.

How do you know that your dual soul is thinking of you? These signs also work when you and your dual soul are in contact with each other and you just want to know in general when he / she is thinking of you.

Does my dual soul miss me?

Let’s tackle this question first as it is one of the most common questions we get.

I’ve always loved this quote and I think it fits very well with this phase of the twin flame journey:

The short answer here is – yes.

The most important thing to understand is that they are feeling the same as you, but the runner is generally not spiritually awakened enough to process these feelings in the same way.

Your dual soul misses you, but it will process this feeling in a different way.

Instead of running towards you, the runner’s instinct tells them to run. However, you can spot the signs that he / she is thinking of you (because I guarantee he / she will, whether he / she wants to admit it or not).

Are there signs that my dual soul is thinking of me? Definitely!

Regardless of whether you have reached the dual soul reunion phase or are still in the dual soul separation phase, there are clear indications that your Twin Flame is thinking of you.

Indeed, many of these signs will be the same, but they will have different meanings.

Depending on where you are on your twin flame journey, different emotions will be associated with the different phases.

But even if you are in the separation phase, it is important to know that the most important aspect to focus on is your own growth and that you can trust that your dual soul is focused on theirs.

That way, you’re moving towards the part of the journey where the two of you will reunite in love, as you both have grown in a way that will allow your relationship to weather whatever comes your way.

If you are in the reunion phase of the Twin Flame relationship, these signs are a reminder of the strength and love that surround you both.

It is a reminder of everything you went through to get to this stage and an encouragement for what is to come.

With that in mind, let’s look at 5 signs that show your dual soul is thinking of you.

Signs that your dual soul is thinking of you now

Your Twin Flame Journey is full of signs and symbols along your journey.

You will never notice most of them and they only exist to your subconscious, but if you stay alert and search for them you will start to discover them around you.

Your twin flame experiences the same signs – usually at the same time.

Remind yourself that these kinds of things are actually happening before you even physically meet.

You have become so used to them subconsciously that it can be hard to notice until you start actively looking for them.

1. You have a persistent subconscious smile

Do you have a smile that you can’t seem to get off your face, but not sure what is causing it?

Have people commented on it asking you what the good news is but not sure what to say?

In other words, you just feel so happy that you can’t help but smile …

A lingering subconscious smile is a common sign that your dual soul is thinking of you.

This subconscious smile generally occurs when your twin flame is happy and smiling.

Dual souls share the same frequency of energy, which means that when your Twin Flame is smiling, you cannot help but smile too, even if you have no idea what you are smiling about.

2. Feel the energy of your dual soul

When you think of energy as a vibrating frequency, you are more attuned to your twin flame than any other person in the world.

This frequency is much less static in the reunion phase than it is in the breakup phase, but it’s definitely something you are both aware of, especially if one of you is thinking about the other.

This energy feels like a magnetic attraction as soon as you meet your dual soul.

Unfortunately, this attraction also exists when you are in the separation phase.

You feel the energy of your dual soul in places that remind you of them and they feel the same. This often represents each Gemini thinking of the other.

Realizing that this attraction and energy is there is important, but you shouldn’t be looking for it.

You are now at the stage where you need to work on yourself, this is hard to do when you are stuck in the past when your twin flame was in your life. This breakup is important and will be worth it in the end.

The attraction that you feel towards your dual soul is higher than ever and you can feel the energy of your twin at all times.

You will feel it even more when your twin’s thoughts are with you and vice versa.

Your energy has grown together and it fills you with strength and optimism. When you find yourself in difficult situations, this energy fills you in and amplifies your own so that you are more than capable of getting through what you need.

When the two of you join forces and this energy connects, there is no force that can stop you from doing what you want to achieve.

3. Butterflies in the stomach

Butterflies in the stomach are biologically caused by the autonomic nervous system, which is also responsible for your heart racing.

Coincidentally (or not) both are signs that your dual soul is thinking of you.

Fluttering in the stomach can also be a sign of magnetic attraction between two people.

So if you notice it around a certain person, then you should watch out for other signs as well.

4. You keep dreaming about him / her

Recurring dreams about your dual soul are not only a sign that you are thinking about him / her, it’s also a sign that he / she is thinking about you.

In your dreams, you are connecting with your Twin Flame on a soul level, which is often the case when you are unable to connect personally.

Pay attention to all subliminal topics of your twin flame dreams as these can contain important and interesting messages.

5. You can feel their presence

Do you often feel the presence of someone around you? Not in a paranormal way, but rather as a calming, supportive feeling?

If so, this could be a sign that your dual soul is thinking of you.

As we already know, twin flames share the same frequency of energy.

This means that while your Twin Flame may be physically far from you, you can still often feel their presence energetically around you.

6. The feeling of warmth surrounds you

Do you know the feeling you get when your grandmother gives you a hug or an unexpected, thoughtful gift from a loved one?

It fills you with radiant joy and warms your heart.

If you can feel this warmth and joy even when you are alone, it is often a sign that your Twin Flame is thinking of you and sharing this loving, warm energy with you, even from afar.

7. Find a white feather by chance

White feathers are highly spiritual and symbolic and are often viewed as a sign that your dual soul is thinking of you.

If you unexpectedly find a white feather, keep it as a reminder that you are not alone in this world.

Also, if you notice white feathers around you frequently, be open to the possibility of your guardian angels sending you a message, much like the presence of recurring numbers.

8. Do your cheeks or ears burn?

Have you noticed that your cheeks or ears (or both) feel hot and red, almost like they’re burning?

This burning sensation is a common sign that someone is thinking of you.

It may or may not be your twin flame, but if you notice this in combination with any of the other signs on this list, it can be a clear sign that your dual soul is thinking of you.

9. Intense emotions that don’t feel like they’re coming from you

Have you experienced an intense emotion that comes over you for no apparent reason. Maybe on a Friday night you are sitting on the couch watching a romantic comedy and suddenly you feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness even though you did not feel sad or lonely at the time.

This is another sign that your dual soul is thinking of you – it is again about this common energetic frequency.

If your twin flame is lonely and sad, chances are you are feeling the same.

Dual souls that think of each other

Hopefully these signs will resonate with you, and when you find yourself in the breakup phase of the Twin Flame relationship, you will know how quickly the feelings you are feeling in each of these moments can change.

Most of all, remember the meanings behind these signs, the work you have to do, and the lessons you need to learn.

There is a reason for everything, and the universe is the orchestrator of what we need, even when we struggle against it.

Take the opportunity to learn, change, and move forward. As you do, you will experience amazing and rewarding growth that will allow your relationship with your Twin Flame to reach the place it was always meant to be.

Now you know that there are not only signs that your dual soul is thinking of you, but that these signs are that both twin flames are thinking of each other. How could you not do that with the connection you have?

How do I notice that my dual soul is thinking of me? 9 signs that reveal everything!

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