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How to express your feelings in relationships (according to your zodiac sign)

Has anyone ever asked you, “How are you?” And you couldn’t answer the question.

I mean not only unable to answer them thoughtfully or without hesitation, but unable to answer at all?

My default is “I’m tired”. Some days I’m really blue. Other times: “I’m great! And you?”

More often, however, I am just undecided about how I feel and have no idea how to express it.

Maybe it’s because I’m indecisive, or maybe we all express our feelings in different ways, depending on our zodiac signs.


Aries women are powerful forces with an entrepreneurial spirit and not afraid to speak up.

In relationships, you show your romantic feelings by initiating fun in the bedroom and also inviting them on adventures with you.

You are independent, but when you let someone participate in your life you show how much you care.

If you are in a relationship with an Aries and it looks like he is slowly closing you out of his life, then it means that he is not very happy with the direction of your relationship.

Anyone who has been in a relationship with an Aries before will know that they always have a tendency to share too much.

They like to open up to their partners about their feelings, thoughts, and moods all the time.

However, when they become unhappy with their partners, they will start building walls to hide their innermost thoughts.


Taurus women are very diplomatic and quiet speaking beings who show their feelings for a partner by consistently showing themselves for their partner.

Most likely, you show your admiration for your partner by remaining incredibly loyal to them and also giving them gifts (since you like to receive these specific expressions of love in return).

Whenever a Taurus feels particularly unhappy in a relationship, they will tend to overcompensate for it by exuding the opposite of what they are feeling.

He will exaggerate the happiness in his life by bragging about it on social media and in real life.

They’ll put on big smiles, tell the most interesting stories, and post the greatest pictures to hide their true dissatisfaction.


A Gemini woman is enthusiastic and curious in all walks of life, but when it comes to romance, she is often an excellent communicator who is not afraid to verbally share her feelings with her partner.

Gemini women can be absent-minded. So, if you missed an important date or forgot to wash the dishes, remind your partner that this doesn’t reflect how you feel about them.

A twin sister’s life will practically fall apart needlessly because she is unhappy in a relationship.

Even if the relationship looks like it is going smoothly and without much difficulty, a Gemini’s life outside of the relationship will struggle to keep afloat.

These twins divert all problems in their relationship to work, hobbies, friends, family, and more.

Maybe it’s because they invested heavily in their relationships and couldn’t fathom the thought of being in a dysfunctional relationship.


Cancer women are not the type to give their hearts away easily. You may have trouble talking about your feelings or instantly trusting a partner.

But once you commit yourself, you commit yourself fully. You put your partner’s needs before your own and constantly groom them to show them how important they are to you.

When a Cancer woman becomes very unhappy in a relationship, you can expect her maturity level to drop like flies.

They become the pettiest, most immature, and childish people you will meet on the unfortunate occasion.

You will begin to use passive-aggressive approaches to try to appease the situation.

They’ll drop petty comments here and there just to make you feel guilty.

They will also refuse to fully discuss the situation and treat it in a adult manner.


Leo women are hard workers who live on the respect of others, so there is a very good chance that you will spend some of your hard-earned money on a very special gift for your partner.

You can also be spontaneous, so you could surprise your partner at work or on a weekend getaway if you feel really carried away. You wouldn’t do these things just for anyone.

When Leos get unhappy in relationships, you can always expect them to display levels of violence and brutality that you may never have experienced before.

They start to hit each other and become very combative and aggressive. Your confrontational tendencies will become more and more prominent and you will be forced to endure all the aggression.


When you are a Virgo you are incredibly intelligent and confident.

You have a sense of what your partner needs, especially when they are in a difficult position.

You show your feelings for a partner by helping them organize a difficult project at home or by canceling the events on your planner and devoting your time to them – a very difficult thing for you, but a sure sign that you really care about him.

You will know that a Virgo is unhappy when she starts being hyperactive and engaging in other hobbies or areas of interest.

They don’t like to deal directly with their personal problems, so they will try to find distractions to draw their attention to.

They keep themselves on their toes by getting caught up in more innocent and less volatile matters than relationships.

If you find that your Virgo partner has had a lot of random hobbies lately, it could be cause for concern.


Libra women are very social, but you usually also intend to marry, and seriously.

Bringing your partner to social occasions and taking things with them to the next level by inviting them to meet your family or move in together will show them how much you value them in your larger plan.

Libra will delve into their work and careers whenever they feel their relationships are in trouble.

They feel that relationships are uncontrollable and that they are too sporadic.

With their working lives, Libra can regain that sense of control and predictability.

While this may be good for their careers, it may not help improve the state of their relationships.


Scorpios are known to be one of the most intense types of people you have ever met.

Whenever they get unhappy in a relationship, they freak out about everything, and you as a partner will be forced to shoulder the burden of all of this weirdness.

They will get overly emotional, and you may want to just let go of your relationship for the sake of Scorpio’s sanity.


Sagittarius women are successful and lively, and they are always on the lookout for new paths.

As a Sagittarius, if you ask your partner to travel with you, it is a sign that you think that person could be your ultimate partner.

You are usually very direct in your comments. So if you take extra care not to offend your partner, you’re showing them how much you mean to them.

When Sagittarius get upset, they have no problem having their emotions on their sleeve.

They become very irritable and become very passively aggressive. You tend to get very angry about even the simplest of things.


Capricorn women are savvy and confident of their social status, with practical tendencies.

If you catch yourself asking your partner what goals they are setting for the future or what they think of having children early on, it’s because you are focusing on how and if they fit into your life plan could – and besides, you are probably starting to deal with them seriously.

Capricorns are a natural control freak, and this trait will only increase when they’re unhappy.

He will try to manipulate the variables as best he can to help improve the situation.

They will allow their inner control freak to come out and play without censorship or repression.


Aquarius women are analytical and know how to communicate effectively.

Nevertheless, they also need their freedom. In relationships, you might communicate your feelings by planning time to spend with a partner, even if that’s only once a week due to your busy schedule.

You are logical, and if your partner expresses doubts about your relationship, you will likely give them valid reasons for why you really like them, to convince them that you are still their person.

When an Aquarius becomes unhappy, they become one of the most selfish people you will ever meet.

Once dissatisfied, they will begin to focus only on themselves, and slowly they will just let the relationship die.

They won’t even bother offering their partners some of their time anymore.


How to express your feelings in relationships (according to your zodiac sign)

Pisces women are gentle and romantic. They put their partner’s needs above their own – possibly by running errands for them, appearing at important events, and empathizing deeply with their feelings as great listeners and supporters.

Your empathetic nature can also escape into the subconscious, and sometimes you are reluctant to feel, but you show your love in your own time.

One fish becomes very uncomfortable pretty quickly compared to another.

Therefore, whenever they are unhappy, through the sheer discomfort of feeling, they will experience an insatiable desire to seek ultimate freedom.

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