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That is how romantic the zodiac signs are – ranked from least to most

Romance and relationships are an important part in our life. But not every zodiac sign is equally romantic, some of them aren’t even at all. What place are you in?

12. Aquarius

You are not in the slightest interested in being romantic in the traditional ways, and no one can change your mind on the matter.

For you, romance is about exploring each other’s minds and getting each other to try new things.

While this may seem romantic to you, it may not always seem like that to others.

You don’t want to give the impression that you are more attached to each other than necessary – and when you are loyal to a person the way you express that is not going to look like your typical romantic notions.

11. Twins

You’re by no means against romance, but you are reluctant to hug it the same way you would other zodiac signs.

You like to keep your options open and when you try to be overly romantic you usually bond with other people in ways that you weren’t expecting.

In terms of creativity, you could be a real romantic if you wanted to, but because you jump from one thing to the next so quickly, people don’t see that.

The romantic ideas exist, but they don’t hold you long enough to pull through.

10. Sagittarius

Romance isn’t necessarily a priority for you, Sagittarius.

You prefer exploration and adventure, and while you want to bond with your partner, romance is not your focus.

You are perfectly capable of making grand gestures, but rarely and only for certain people – this is not something you would give yourself up for.

9. Capricorn

You’re a bit old school when it comes to romance, but if it’s not broken then it shouldn’t be fixed, right?

They will do their best to hug all the classics – buy flowers, call them at a specific time each night, bring them to the door at the end of a date.

Some might call it cheesy, but it convinces people.

8. Virgo

You may seem quite dismissive and like you might be less interested in romance, but that’s not entirely true, is it, Virgo?

Under the tough exterior, you’re a little wimp. You won’t be covering the bed with rose petals right away, but you will have your favorite drinks ready in your fridge, surprise you with a compliment, or plan an extravagant date out of nowhere. Everything to show you care!

7. Aries

You are so excited about the person you are feeling for that you can’t hold it back.

You feel like you should surpass yourself because the person is making you feel!

They want to knock them off their socks again and again to keep the spark alive.

You won’t be subtle about your intentions, and it can be overwhelming for some – but no one can deny that you are ready to go the extra mile for romance.

6th bull

You are very demanding in your relationships, Taurus. You believe in being fully engaged and you don’t just want to hear romantic words – you want the whole package.

You are devoted, but you want to feel valued and blown off your feet.

You will indulge the person you love with anything you can think of because you want to show how much you care.

5. Cancer

You are much more focused on the emotional side than the grand gesture, but romance carries so much weight to you.

They believe in getting to know a person inside and out.

That building a strong foundation is the best way to keep a relationship going.

You are considerate and purposeful – and you are not afraid to do whatever it takes to make your partner feel loved and safe.

4. Scorpio

They may be difficult to read, but you want a timeless, all-consuming love.

You want the passion and dedication of a great love story – even if you can’t completely trust it will stand up for you, you still want it more than most.

When you feel safe and secure, you will not hesitate to do your utmost to make this possible; it just takes some time to get there.

3. Libra

In an ideal world, the person you love would shower you with limitless love and adoration.

Even though you know the world is not perfect, you wish for fairytale love in whatever way.

They won’t hesitate to go out of their way to show how you are feeling – it comes to you naturally.

They will often go into what the other person wants in the relationship.

However, you still hold on to the hope that if they love you enough, they will romantically show you – because that’s exactly what you do.

2. Leo

You want the passion and drama that comes with real romance.

Your heart is bursting at the seams with feelings for your partner. You’re not afraid to show the world how you feel because there is nothing like that in your eyes.

They will use all the tricks to faint the person you love.

1. Fish

You can dream up the perfect romantic fantasy and you know it is possible.

You are understanding, but you have high hopes for what love might be like.

They want everything to feel like a dream and they tend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

You’d even break your leg for love and romance, hoping for a partner who would do the same – even to the point where you read more romance into someone’s intentions than they actually are.

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