4 types of men who are terrible partners (based on their zodiac sign)

If you keep getting involved with the wrong men, it can have a lot to do with their zodiac signs.

It is because of this that women who are most confident feel confused and discouraged.

Most of the time, you blame the universe for being so unlucky and you think you are meant to suffer.

You unwittingly refuse to heal yourself by wasting time and energy healing someone else.

If this sounds familiar to you, ask yourself if you are picking the wrong men who are having a bunch of problems because you want to avoid facing your problems.

If so, pay attention to what motivates you to be with the next man. In time, you will learn to choose men who are as strong and wonderful as you are.

You will find true love when you are ready and feeling good about yourself.

Sometimes we also enter into relationships with men with whom we only feel good in bed.

1. The paternal type ( Capricorn)

This type of man has many qualities that our own father may have too.

It offers security, security and support that are necessary for a comfortable and comfortable lifestyle.

Even if these things seem positive at first, and the fatherly partner ideal, he does not see his partner as an equal, but rather as someone who is unwilling to make his own decisions.

This type of man will have the upper hand on every important decision in your life about what the house will be like and how the children will be raised.

Every decision you make in your life is made by him and depends on his judgment.

There is no freedom in this relationship either, and soon your fatherly partner will be the only point of contact in your life.

A healthy relationship requires a high level of freedom and equality so that both parties can enjoy life and have a relationship that expresses harmony.

So it’s never good to get attached to someone who is overly controlling.

2. The bad guy (Libra)

There are many reasons the bad guy never loses its appeal to women.

For most of them, they are always very attractive, cool, dexterous, and kind of rebellious.

They are so attractive because they are carefree and don’t care about other people and their opinions.

Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing because most bad guys don’t really care about their partner and the relationship either.

Such a man can never be completely trusted and relied on, and he does not make long-term promises.

His attention is only focused on his desires and longings, and he does not invest a lot of time in his partner’s emotional needs.

He is not a good partner because of his undeveloped partnership working quality, and such people must learn that one has to give a lot to take a little.

3. The Peter Pan Type (Taurus)

This type of man has a special charm about him, he is funny, easy going and very entertaining, so it is common that he attracts a lot of women as he is very attractive from his positive nature.

These men have no problem attracting someone, but they do have a significant problem keeping the relationship going.

The most obvious problem in a relationship with these people begins when they begin to express their childish side.

They may not like children, may not work, may still live with their parents, have no money of their own, and only care about their hobbies.

One of their major deficits is that, like real Taurus representatives, they do not tolerate any malaise, cannot cope with hard work and thus run away from their problems.

They are highly dependent on others and their support, making them terrible partners for someone who is unwilling to treat them like a young child.

These kind of people should wake up from their imaginations and accept the real world, and the real world is never something that is perfect and comfortable.

4. The seductive manipulator (Scorpio)

Not only are these types of men terrible choices for a longer and more serious relationship, but they are also very negative and manipulative.

You will tell a woman exactly what she wants to hear and treat her extremely, with one day everything seems perfect and another day everything seems wrong.

Such people also never apologize for their actions, and they like to blame their partner for all the bad things that happen.

Most of the time, they use gifts to keep a woman close and manipulate her to get their way; moreover, they are prone to infidelity and therefore cannot be trusted.

They also make their partners believe that they are afraid of being bonded when in reality they have no plans to bond with anyone, let alone someone they are just using.

Some women will immediately realize that this person’s intentions are wrong, but some sadly will fall for this type of manipulation and have hurt their feelings.

That kind of dynamic is never healthy in a relationship, and people who manipulate will just end up alone because no one who does evil can expect anything good to happen in their life.

4 types of men who are terrible partners (based on their zodiac sign)

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