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Which zodiac signs are the most narcissistic? (Managed)

Narcissistic zodiac signs are passionately in love with themselves and if they are not careful, the ego is the one who takes care of them.

Good self-esteem is essential to successful relationships with ourselves and with others, but when it is overdone, it is not at all healthy.

Anyone can commit the sin of being guided by narcissism, but there are some signs that are more prone to it.

In the age of self-love and self-care, focusing on oneself and one’s wellbeing challenges us to become narcissists.

As for the word ” narcissistic “, it is often used to describe those who are vain, selfish, selfish, and self-centered.

And when it comes to astrology, there are zodiac signs that are more likely to have narcissistic personality traits than the others simply because of traits that are often associated with the sign.

Each zodiac sign has a fair amount of positive qualities as well as some negative ones.

After all, what it means to be human is to have good and bad sides.

But if a certain trait seems to be hindering a person in life – such as a tendency to be a little self-centered – it can help to find out why and make some simple changes.

It is important to have healthy self-esteem. But it’s also important to look carefully and see if our healthy self-esteem isn’t really overcompensated in order to hide deep-seated insecurities.

It is good to take a look at our possible flaws in character in order to create our best selves.

If people want more happiness in life, self-awareness is the first step.

That being said, it’s always important to remember that not everyone will fully identify with their sign.

Although different zodiac signs have different characteristics, not all characteristics may apply to you.

Even if these zodiac signs are a little vain at times, that doesn’t mean they are bad people or that they can’t improve.

So here we have put together a list of narcissistic zodiac signs, ranked from smallest to largest, but first let’s name a few symptoms of narcissism and narcissistic zodiac signs.

What are the symptoms of narcissism and a narcissistic personality?

Everyone is a narcissist to some extent and has narcissism within them, and it is perfectly healthy and normal to love yourself; but if you are the victim of a narcissistic personality you will recognize many of the symptoms listed below:

Narcissism and Inflated Confidence

The person believes that wherever they go they should be treated with special care.

Arrogance and condescension can be seen daily. If not handled with special care, they can create scenes and break out of anger.

Narcissism and narcissistic anger are explosive and unpredictable.

Narcissism and megalomania

They believe that without the right means or will, they will achieve great things. This is a very common symptom of narcissism.

Narcissism takes praise and admiration

They have to be constantly assured of their value, get into a state of anger if they are not praised.

Narcissism and aspiration

That’s another symptom of narcissism. They are supposed to get whatever they want immediately and how they want, just because they asked for it.

If the narcissistic personality lives in your family, they will use their title (mother, father) to get from you what they want from you without treating you with kindness or caring.

When it comes to a partner, they will always remember that they deserve everything they ask for without having to treat you in any way.

You will find them in an uncontrollable state of anger if someone does not treat them the way they want (especially people in the service industry, but also employees, employees, family, friends, strangers).

Narcissism and a lack of empathy

Every single person around them is considered a tool or a product, and they will use , hurt, love, with the sole aim of getting something out of you. Classic narcissism.

They don’t consider or understand your feelings, you just exist to serve them in some way.

Narcissism and bullying

They will maintain their inflated mind by belittling you, patronizing, bullying, harassing you, ignoring your feelings and your reality.

If you noticed this in a person, then it is surely another symptom of narcissism.

Narcissism and Compulsive Lying

In fact, you will find that they adjust reality to their wants / needs, resulting in extreme confusion.

Since the lies are subtle at first, you may not notice.

They also tend to foreclose their lives, with each audience having a different version of reality. Separate and conquer.

Is that narcissism or not?

The most narcissistic zodiac signs (ranked from smallest to largest)

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the whole country?

If you think that you or a friend repeat this phrase every now and then, it means that you like to appreciate yourself.

To find out if you can blame the stars for this, check out the list of the most narcissistic zodiac signs.

Narcissists are more toxic than you think.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, try never to be in that situation again.

Narcissists do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it leads to violence.

While they may seem charming and warm, the reality is that they are cold, aloof, and lacking in compassion and empathy.

Some narcissists are fully aware of their narcissism and do nothing about it because they do not consider their qualities to be bad.

They are not users, they are just focused and determined to get what they want out of life. Narcissists believe they are superior to everyone.

But there is one thing that narcissists don’t want and that is a lack of attention.

If all eyes are not on her, they will focus on her again.

When we add astrology it is clear that the narcissistic zodiac signs have the same qualities.

And the best way to spot a narcissist is with this definitive ranking of the most narcissistic zodiac signs in astrology, from most to least.

12. Fish

Because this zodiac sign is usually so selfless, it doesn’t tend to be a narcissist.

You would have too much trouble being calculating, cold, and insensitive as these qualities go against everything they stand for.

Pisces are more comfortable as followers than as leaders and may not have the energy necessary to be a narcissist.

11. Capricorn

Capricorns are too reliable and conscientious to be extremely narcissistic.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some narcissistic traits.

This zodiac sign can be a bit calculating and cold hearted when it comes to getting what they want.

If Capricorn were narcissistic it would likely have something to do with their work or their career; manipulating a loved one would not do them any good.

10. Libra

Scales can be very deceptive and superficial. They like pretty things and pretty people and will use their charms to get them.

All people under this zodiac sign enjoy getting attention and of course expect special differentiated treatment.

But they are neither cold nor arrogant. Libra try to avoid conflict.

They love to talk about themselves and they will overdo these things when they sense that the listener is not impressed enough.

9. Twins

This zodiac sign tends to be too scattered and disorganized to be a narcissist.

They are smart and can certainly make up a story to look like a hero, but they are not good at using people for their own needs.

People under this sign can be narcissistic when it comes to talking about themselves, but even then, they’re not out to hurt anyone.

Gemini are smart and very social, which are helpful traits in being a narcissist, but Gemini are too kind and thoughtful in nature to be good narcissists.

8. Cancer

People born under this zodiac sign can be needy like a narcissist and will use all possible tricks to get a person’s attention.

But this zodiac sign is too compassionate to be a true narcissist.

They may be codependent, pessimistic, and highly suspicious, but they are not arrogant, callous, or scheming.

When cancer becomes emotionally hurt, they can become very self-centered and consumed with feelings of self-pity.

7. Sagittarius

If you stand in the way of this zodiac sign to get what they want, they will make you regret it.

When it comes to saying what’s on your mind, Sagittarians can be blunt and they don’t seem to care how much it hurts.

It is impossible for this zodiac sign to see things from another person’s point of view.

When they use manipulation tactics, they don’t see that it is wrong.

Sagittarius isn’t as evil as narcissists can be, just immature and self-centered.

6. Aries

Aries are more inconsiderate than narcissistic. You don’t always think about or consider others, even when it comes to a loved one.

This zodiac sign does what it wants, and if it works for others, that’s fine; if not, it is not Aries’ business.

Do not try to question their superiority status or you will have a war on your neck.

5th virgin

People under this zodiac sign have at least one narcissistic trait, namely that they are convinced that they will always be the greatest genius in the room.

Virgos are self-absorbed and have the option to back up the data as they like nothing more than to research.

Perhaps because this zodiac sign is so smart it is a very good liar and will lie to get what it wants.

Narcissists strive for perfection – they want the perfect partner, the perfect house, the perfect job.

Just like virgins. Narcissists and virgins alike can act arrogantly or conceited.

4. Aquarius

If you accused an Aquarius of being narcissistic, they would say you were wrong – they are just independent.

Well, they can be independent to the point that they don’t think about anything other than their own desires.

You may want to help people and the earth, but not when there are too many emotions involved.

This zodiac sign has the cold and aloof qualities that narcissists have.

You will take advantage of people for their own ends too, and sometimes their charity work is just a way to get attention and sympathy.

This zodiac sign wants to inspire because it loves that kind of attention.

Aquarians think they know better than you, and if they use you for their own ends you should be flattered.

3. Scorpio

When Scorpio is fine he is not that narcissistic, but be careful if he has been recently injured or betrayed; he is extremely vigilant.

When this zodiac sign is on the warpath, they don’t care who gets hurt.

Scorpio’s vengeance is cold, calculating, and violent.

They don’t seem to realize how wrong it is to take advantage of others to get what they want.

This zodiac sign has a knack for completely blocking out people and wiping them out of their lives.

2. Leo

The second word for a Leo is narcissism.

People under this zodiac sign are so confident in themselves that it isn’t difficult to see them as narcissists.

They honestly believe that the world revolves around them and that they are entitled to do whatever they want to keep it that way.

This zodiac sign looks very confident but is secretly insecure, just like narcissists.

Lions practically invented the love bomb game, the tactic of showering someone with attention, gifts, texts and flowers.

Leos do almost anything to satisfy their desires, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

If you need to part with a narcissistic Leo, they can twist it so that they are the victim.

1st bull

People under this sign tend to believe they are better and deserve more than most people.

They seem to believe that what they are doing for their own benefit is worth it because they are worth it.

They lack the ability to feel empathy – if it hasn’t happened to them, they won’t even bother trying to understand.

Taurus and narcissists both also tend to be tyrants who always want their will and have intense anger problems.

People under this zodiac sign are masterful manipulators and can be superficial and materialistic.

The most narcissistic thing about Taurus, however, is its ability to persuade people to do things they would normally never do. You need to be on your guard when dealing with this zodiac sign.

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