True love is fighting through thick and thin …

Modern society describes true love as something that you see, that you can touch. When we are told about love, there is often the idea of ​​gifts or travel associated with it.

In short, according to social networks, love can be quantified and measured. But this is not the case !

True love is not a fairy tale. True love is more than bouquets of roses, kisses and hugs.

No… True love is much better than that! Believe me, it looks a lot nicer than any Hollywood movie you’ve seen!

It is so much better than that.

Because the fairy tale of love is not real. It’s just a fantasy, a story, a dream. In short, it’s a commercialized version of what love is. This is not the reality.

When you fall in love with the right person, all is not well! A soundtrack is not going to play when you have your first kiss. There will be no end credits that say “and then they lived happily ever after”.

True love is more like a roller coaster

It’s a mountain climb. It’s surviving a blizzard. It is growing separately and together and then finding the way back to each other.

It’s an uphill battle that puts your strength and love to the test. It is a thunderstorm that floods again and again. These are arguments that make you doubt yourself and him.

It is a need for personal space. These are tears and lightning and a rain that never stops. It’s hard, . It’s painful. It’s difficult.

And if it’s not difficult for you, then it’s not true love.

Because when you find the partner in your life, you will still need work, compromise and time. It doesn’t matter how compatible you are. It doesn’t matter how strong the bond between you is.

It will still be a roller coaster.

But the thing with love is that as you climb this mountain together and struggle through the tough times, there will also be laughter and joy.

There will be flowers that will sprout from the floods you swim in. You are going to watch that person even through the battlefields and you are going to choose to stay.

Because true love is fighting against all that is unhealthy. It is to fight against judgment, criticism and the ugliness of the world.

True love is going against the grain to challenge the toughest monsters and demons. Together.

When you find the right person, no matter how severe the arguments or the stress in your life, you will always find your way back to them.

It may take you days or weeks to face it. It may take months to regain the ability to smile and laugh with him.

But when it’s the right person, you always get away with it. You know full well that arguments and storms are worth it. Because you know what it’s like to fight and win battles side by side.

When you fall in love with the right person, you grow together and apart, and you grow stronger individually and as a couple.

You can be your own person as he is too. You can get through the dark nights and wake up the next day stronger. Stronger and more sure of your love, your bond and your hearts.

When you are finally with the right person, no battle will ever be too much. No fight will ever be too hard.

Because when you finally fall in love with your soul mate, you will do whatever it takes to fall in love with each other over and over again.

And you will always win the fights. Together. And you will always know that the dark times will make the good times even more powerful and beautiful.

Moreover, you will understand that you do not want anyone else by your side to fight against you but also with you.

The coronation of the love bond is undeniable

When two people are meant to be together, they know it at first sight. Then it’s all a matter of compatibility and understanding.

Are you ready to make the necessary compromises? Are your lives and visions for the future aligned? In a few words, you will know if you can build your life together.

Because true love is instinctive and primitive. When your eyes meet those of the ideal person for you, it is sacred osmosis.

The only thing that is true in these romantic Hollywood movies is the sparks. When you fall in love with the right person, your whole world is going to be turned upside down.

Butterflies will fly and fireworks will explode. But it will all happen inside of you. Deep in your heart and soul, it will be as if an intense burn leaves her permanent scar.

This mark is the mark of unconditional love. And it will never fade. No matter what the fate of your relationship is, this scar will stay with you forever!

This is what true love looks like …

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