The 8 sure-fire signs that prove you can trust him

Confidence isn’t something you should easily give a guy just because you’re dating.

This is a big part of what makes relationships succeed or fail because without it it is very difficult to build the foundation of love.

And without love, your relationship will take water very quickly.

However, while trust is a key ingredient in a fulfilling relationship, it can often be difficult to find or give to the person you’re dating.

Betrayed in the past, lack of self-confidence, the reasons for hesitating are numerous and legitimate.

But that doesn’t mean you should treat every single person who comes into your life with suspicion!

So how do you know if you’re with a guy you can trust?

1. He only flirts with you

Some men are born charmers, that’s a fact.

This does not mean that they are unfaithful or that they tend to lie… But it can be an indication of the seriousness with which they approach romantic relationships.

Flirting with other girls all the time is a sure sign that a man doesn’t want to engage with you more than that.

But if your partner is flirtatious, you can watch their reactions to find out how much you should or shouldn’t worry.

Is he flirting in front of you or behind your back? Does he look guilty when you catch him flirting? Does he get on the defensive and tell you it’s just a chat? Is he flirting with everyone or with someone in particular?

You need to keep your eyes peeled and look for these red flags because a trusted man will know how to balance being friendly with other women while making sure his chick feels safe.

He won’t want you to think he’s not serious about you or that he’s just playing games.

2. He is not afraid to express his affection to you.

Does your man shower you with affection in private but be distant in public? How does he treat you in a group? If he treats you like everyone else, that’s a pretty bad sign.

Regardless of how many sweet words he whispers in your ear when you’re alone, if he’s more distant in public, chances are you are potentially one of his mistresses or one of his mistresses. of his many conquests.

He might be able to tell you long stories about why the relationship should be kept a secret, but he’s more likely to be just an untrustworthy person taking advantage of your gullible nature.

Women should learn to listen to their instincts.

If your guy does something that you think is suspicious or dishonest, don’t make excuses for him.

Instead, confront him nicely. You have to do it diplomatically and give him a chance to explain himself.

Wrong accusations can also destroy the trust that exists in the relationship and you will have nothing more to save.

In any case, a reliable man usually has no good reason not to show you his affection in public.

3. He does not feel threatened by your independence and your go-getter character

A man you can trust will love your strengths and not be intimidated by it.

In fact, it even inspires you to always go higher in your passions, your dreams.

He’s not afraid of challenges, and he also understands that just because you have different opinions on certain things doesn’t mean he should feel threatened.

You might be a little difficult, but he respects that and accepts that it is part of you.

4. He demonstrates integrity

Integrity is having strong ethical principles that are followed at all times.

Honesty and trust are essential to integrity, as is consistency.

A trustworthy man stands up for what is right in life and therefore will defend you by extension because your love is important to him.

If he talks behind people’s backs and shares private information about other people, beware.

A man who lies about simple or crazy details will not hesitate to lie to you about the most important things in life.

5. Those around you appreciate it

When you are in a relationship, you can be blinded by your feelings and not see things objectively.

Those closest to you who care about you will be able to see issues more clearly.

They also tend to protect you, which allows them to be more critical of what your partner is doing.

If those around you seem to like him and give you his approval, there’s a good chance you can trust him.

A man you can trust will also go out of his way to spend time with the other people in your life.

He understands that these people are important to you and doesn’t try to isolate you from them.

6. He admits his mistakes

When someone admits their mistakes, even small ones, they show a willingness to be honest. And above all, he shows that he is not afraid of being vulnerable by your side.

If he cannot take responsibility for the small things, he will not be able to take responsibility for the big things.

Hiding things, lying and being on the defensive is being afraid to let the other person come into their life.

So, a sincere apology shows the desire to build trust in a relationship.

A mature adult who you can trust is more than capable of taking responsibility for their wrongs.

If he makes a mistake, he admits it.

Often times, an untrustworthy partner will try to blame you or make you look bad.

7. It is consistent and stable

If your sweetheart says he is going to do something or that he will be by your side as you go through an ordeal, he should respect his words.

You don’t want to spend your life worrying about whether he’s going to do what he said he would.

A trustworthy man thinks what he says and he says what he thinks: reliability, honesty and trust go hand in hand.

If you feel like he’s lying to you over and over again, pay attention to the smallest details.

Even the most skillful liars sometimes have one or two inconsistencies in their stories.

8. He shows vulnerability

Emotional openness is extremely crucial in long term relationships and it is the ultimate mark of a confident and mature adult partner.

When he can be open about himself and his feelings, he indicates that he understands the reciprocity of this act.

For you to be open to him, he must open up to you too.

He is therefore not afraid to share his thoughts and have deep conversations with you.

Being vulnerable can be scary, but if your sweetheart trusts you and is trustworthy, he won’t pretend to be okay when he isn’t, for example.

He will see no shame in being emotional.

Additionally, talking about these emotions can improve positive thinking and help overcome problems.

This emotional honesty brings couples together and builds trust.


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