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15 signs that an Aquarius man is madly in love with you

How does an Aquarius man behave in love?

Which woman loves the Aquarius man?

The Aquarius man and women: unconditional love or short-lived flirtations?

The Aquarius man was born under an air sign, which means he is intellectual, thoughtful, charismatic, and an expert in communication.

It is also the sign most associated with platonic relationships and eccentricity. What does it mean ? Well, that means dating an Aquarius man is kind of like dating your best friend! Weird, did you say weird?

Yet everyone is drawn to his unique and unconventional nature because he is ruled by Uranus, the planet of suddenness, invention, and derangement.

It is because he expresses himself bluntly that he is known to frequently and often break the status quo, which makes him the humanitarian of the zodiac … and his biggest rebel!

The Aquarius man is certainly an intellectual who tells it a bit, but he is also very charming and complex. Besides, he has an open mind and heart.

Thus, it is rare for an Aquarius man to actively pursue romantic interests on dating apps. As it is an air sign, it is very sociable and favors the search for close friendships rather than romantic relationships.

Ouch! That’s why you have to be a hidden gem if you want him to give you a chance.

What is obvious is that before you fall in love with him, you have to be his best friend.

He’s embarrassed about being an eccentric, so it takes a while for him to open up to you. But once he does, you’ll find it’s worth the wait!

Her natural curiosity and great sense of humor make everything better. And an Aquarius man in love will make you have a great time.

What always keeps him awake is the cause to which he is dedicated. If he hears about a rally or protest, he’ll put everything else on hold so he can attend – and he’ll want to take you with him, too.

If you don’t have political knowledge and are not involved in activism, this is something the Aquarius man will not be able to tolerate.

As calm as he is most of the time, he’s passionate when it matters most. And he cares that you care, too.

Sometimes he takes an opposite nature just to be different. Yes, an Aquarius man LOVES to provoke. And everything is agitated around him when he makes his appearance.

On the one hand, he is hyper aware of his difference and he asserts it to others to be validated. On the other hand, he sometimes adopts an opposite nature just to be different, especially when he’s in a bad mood.

Don’t let his insecurity and sour demeanor turn a simple disagreement into a real argument – this unwanted aspect of his personality rarely comes out.

What is the behavior of the Aquarius man in love?

In love, the Aquarius man is very reliable. You can count on him and rely on his unwavering presence. No matter what, you can always call him and he will run to your rescue.

He will gladly listen to your problems and try to give you the best advice. Because he knows how to detach himself and see things objectively, you can be sure that he will always keep his feet on the ground.

To top it off, his quirky naturalness and great sense of humor make everything better and, like a true best friend, he’s always by your side, through tough times.

As an air sign he is upbeat and outgoing but as a fixed sign the Aquarius man is a big fan of relaxation and a sedentary lifestyle.

This combination is contradictory, certainly, but the Aquarius man is too! Honestly, he’s the best of both worlds: he’s the party life every time he goes out but he’s also totally chilled out at home.

On the other hand, an Aquarius man in love wants someone who shares his passion for creating change around the world and who can also interest him intellectually.

He is super smart, ultra modern, and endowed with fascinating personality traits, but the Aquarius man can also become a robot very easily.

Yes, his brain supercomputer is the source of his best qualities but also the reason he intellectualizes and processes his emotions rather than expressing them.

He is easily detached from his feelings, which makes your relationship lacking in intensity in moments of love. And don’t even try to push him to be more romantic or more intimate: he’s a fixed sign with unparalleled stubbornness so he won’t budge!

Aquarius man and women: who is the perfect woman for this sign?

A woman who loves an Aquarius man and wants to get his love back must have some very special personality traits. Indeed, as a social butterfly, he prefers a relationship that poses no threat to his freedom and space.

Intelligent and creative, he can be attracted to different types of women. What does an Aquarius man like in a woman? Physical appearance is not the most important thing for an Aquarius man in love.

Indeed, his companion must above all be kind and intelligent . Yes, these are two qualities that are very attractive to an Aquarius man. Plus, she has to be somewhat of a mystery to keep interest in their relationship.

You might think the Aquarius man in love needs a lot of attention but he doesn’t. Indeed, too much sweetness could quickly bore him.

In addition to intelligence, a woman who wants to make an Aquarius man fall under her spell must be quick-witted and she must demonstrate extraordinary communication skills.

Why ? Simply because the Aquarius man can persist in his beliefs even when they are false!

Then this woman must be optimistic, ambitious and free . Yes, all of these qualities are necessary for her to be as popular as him and to feel comfortable in her group of friends.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is in love with you?

How does an Aquarius man behave at the start of a romantic relationship? What’s the trick to make sure he’s in love with you?

An Aquarius man is always very attentive with his loved ones. Besides, he is also very caring and warm with the people he meets so it can be difficult to know if his behavior is due to love or to simple friendship.

Here are the 15 signs that will allow you to know for sure if an Aquarius man is in love with you.

1. In love, an Aquarius man asks a lot of questions.

Every facet of your personality is a new discovery for an Aquarius man. Every part of your body, every tic, every character trait is a fascination for an Aquarius in love.

So he asks you a lot of questions because he never gets tired of knowing more about you. But he will never judge you for your quirks. He will accept you as you are.

2. Before being his sweetheart, you are his best friend.

A friendship with an Aquarius man is a flourishing bond. The only problem is that it is not easy to befriend him. Indeed, he is nice to everyone!

If an Aquarius man is interested in you, he’ll trust you enough to be comfortable with you, and he’ll go the extra mile to bond with you special.

3. He loves spending time with you

Generally speaking, an Aquarius man is of an interactive nature. Yet it is not very social! Go figure… It’s confusing, isn’t it?

In fact, an Aquarius man is talkative only when he feels comfortable. So if your man does everything to see you often, you’ve won! Yes, his impatience to see you speaks volumes …

4. He is not ashamed to be vulnerable in front of you.

Sharing private thoughts, hopes and dreams is not a likely trait of the Aquarius man. He is very selective about who he discloses his personal information to. Only people worthy of interest manage to enter his entourage.

So if he shares his secrets, ambitions and thoughts with you, you can be sure that he is in love. Yet, deep down, he hopes you won’t judge him.

5. He does not hide his gestures of affection.

Oh, is he stroking your shoulder or your hair? An Aquarius man in love flirts a lot because he is a born romantic and someone very sweet. 

For example, he sends you messages to let you know he’s thinking of you or he’s buying gifts that he has delivered to your job because he knows you have a tough day ahead of you. 

6. DPA: he loves you in front of everyone!

Whether in private or in public, once an Aquarius man is in love, he is going to flaunt his sweetheart to the world. Indeed, he is proud that you are part of his life so he wants to brag.

Be careful, an Aquarius man will never treat you like an object but he will proudly show you to the whole world. He will hold your hand in public and cover you with sulfurous love.

7. Surprises… So many surprises!

For the Aquarius in love, it’s all or nothing! Yes, when he’s crazy about a woman, he has a hard time concentrating. He connects the great declarations of love and the expensive gifts.

In fact, he wants to fill her and make her happy, like no one before.

8. An Aquarius man in love trusts you blindly.

An Aquarius man is very secretive about his life. It takes a lot of confidence to introduce someone to his family. But, in love, an Aquarius man is vulnerable.

Indeed, as soon as he understands that there is a possible future with you, he will present his family and all his relatives to you. Yes, you are going to be part of his very closed circle of intimates.

9. An Aquarius man in love criticizes his wife as much as he praises her.

When an Aquarius man is in love with you, it’s like having a coach. Indeed, he supports you and applauds you when you are successful.

But if you say or do something wrong, he won’t hesitate to teach you a lesson. Oh yeah, he’s going to berate you and you’re going to have to calm it down.

10. He is seriously committed to you.

In love, an Aquarius man needs time. Indeed, he has more trust issues than people in general. This is why it takes time for her to let go of her inhibitions, such as going too fast or being too attached.

However, once an Aquarius is in love with you, you will find that their behavior changes. He is committed to you and only to you. He no longer looks at other women and focuses his attention on you.

11. When he’s with his friends, an Aquarius man in love can’t help but talk about you.

It is said that men are very stingy in words when it comes to talking about feelings. Well, that’s not the case with an Aquarius man in love.

Indeed, if he is crazy about you, he will not stop talking about you to his friends. His conversations about you will be endless to the point that his friends will recognize you instantly as soon as they see you.

12. An Aquarius man in love makes more or less subtle allusions so that you surprise him

They say that understanding women is difficult! Honestly, figuring out an Aquarius man in love isn’t a piece of cake either.

If he’s interested in you, he’ll secretly expect you to do things for him too. An Aquarius man will go out of his way to help you. But if you want him to fall under your spell, you will also have to put in some effort.

13. An Aquarius man in love loves when his sweetheart chases him!

An Aquarius man has a limited social circle let alone people he really trusts. If you pursue him, he will realize that you want him in your life as much as he wants you in his.

This is why Aquarius men love to be chased and if you can chase after them you should!

14. He has already planned a lot of two-person projects.

An Aquarius man is always curious to explore new places and try new things. He is never satisfied with the usual places and continues to seek new adventures and exciting journeys.

So if your partner often sends you new places to try or places to visit during the holidays, it means that he is projecting with you and that he wants to include you in his adventure.

15. An Aquarius in love is always afraid that the relationship will develop too quickly.

An Aquarius man is not at all afraid of falling in love: he calls a spade, a spade. However, you must understand that your man is by nature constantly in doubt and confusion.

He identifies his own signs of love but he always wonders if your feelings are the same or if your relationship is not igniting too quickly.

Love compatibility: what are the signs that correspond to the Aquarius man?

The Aquarius man and women is quite a story. Indeed, very few men are as creative, intellectual and analytical as he.

Plus, because he’s friendly and easy-going, he’s a real magnet for women. But who is the woman who best matches her character?

Or rather, who are the women compatible with the Aquarius man?

Women born under the sign of Libra and the Aquarius man make quite an interesting couple. Indeed, together, it is either couple goals or a dismal failure.

Both are intelligent, outgoing, and excellent communicators. They value and respect their partner’s thoughts and abilities and always support and inspire each other.

Even more surprisingly, only a woman born under the sign of Libra can bring out the romantic side of this cool and distant male.

Then, we can not forget the women born under the sign of Aquarius ! Indeed, in love, they form an ideal union. Sharing the same qualities, they make the best allies and can easily rule the world.

And the Aquarius man in love will immediately know what’s going on inside his sweetheart’s head since she embodies almost every aspect of himself. It is his intelligence, friendliness and creativity that attracts the Aquarius man the most.

On the other hand, one cannot neglect women born under the sign of Aries either . This exciting duo will never be bored! An Aquarius man and Aries woman may not be in a romantic relationship for long; however, there is revolutionary potential there.

Indeed, they are both wildly adventurous!

Finally, women born under the sign of Leo seem to be the great weak point of the Aquarius man. Indeed, they complement and balance each other perfectly.

This duo can really shine if both partners learn to compromise. I know they’re both stubborn but it takes everything to make a world.

An Aquarius in love can truly reach their ultimate potential if they have a Leo woman by their side!


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