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What It’s Like To Date Each Zodiac Sign: 12 Charts That Explain It


Your time in dating the individual zodiac signs, explained in tables. These tables show you exactly what to look for when it comes to each and every sign.

Let’s learn what it’s really like to date each zodiac sign.
Date Aries

Date with an Aries

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Life with an Aries will be full of excitement and adventure, and love will never be boring. They are fun-loving and don’t hold grudges, so arguments won’t last long. Sudden trips, random gifts, and surprises will all add to the wonderful time with an Aries.

Date with a bull

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Taurus take obligations seriously and will never let you down! In times of need a Taurus will always be there to take care of you. You will enjoy extravagant dinners and fine wine with them along with other crazy things.

Date with a twin

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Gemini have a variety of interests and will love to talk about you and learn more about you. They are friendly, fun-loving and also love to flirt. Gemini can turn you on to some lovely conversation before you even get into bed with them.

Date with a CANCER

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Cancers by nature give deep feelings and understand them so that they can easily share their feelings and experiences. They make for a comfortable and welcoming stay for you and needless to say that love will always be passionate and fulfilling.

Date with a lion

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You will have gala time when you date a Leo because they are confident, energetic, passionate and creative. They will love you with all their heart and will always stand up for you.

Date with a virgin

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A Virgo has diverse interests and, along with romance and perfectionism, is an excellent communicator. You will always have a great time with a Virgo.

Date with a scale


Libras are natural lovers of people and are easy to get along with. They are protective and want you to be comfortable, but full of charm and romance.

Date a Scorpio

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Scorpios have a mysterious nature, and you will always have something more to know about them. They are passionate about love and crave intimacy so love can be a deeply transforming experience for you.

Date a shooter


Sagittarius have positive attitudes and intentions when it comes to love and relationships. They are confident and idealistic by nature, and you’ll feel like a new adventure when you hang out with a Sagittarius.

Date with a Capricorn

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Capricorns prefer fulfilling and engaging relationships and love to be in charge of the bedroom. You can expect minimal drama when dating a Capricorn.

Date with an AQUARIUS

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When you date an Aquarius, you will never fail on topics of conversation. You can have an amazing social life because an Aquarius is inventive and always looking for something new.

Date with a fish

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A Pisces is romantic, intuitive, and deeply lovely so a strong intimate connection is guaranteed. It’s no surprise when they express their love in a way that is often seen in fairy tales and beautiful poems.

These tables will help you know what it will be like to date each zodiac sign.



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