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These 3 zodiac signs always cry the same

Sobs and wailing à la life is a valley of tears are part of the emotional repertoire that needs to be learned. Those who can do this well can make some people sweat. You can quickly achieve exactly what you want and without great physical exertion. Playing with emotions and letting the tears flow at the push of a button is a talent that not the entire zodiac has. If you like to be the crybaby and don’t mind being considered unstable and annoying, you definitely belong to the following 3 zodiac signs :



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Actually happy and in need of harmony, Libra can be really moody and sensitive when things don’t go their way. Then this zodiac sign twitches like no other. If she doesn’t manage to get her head through with her nagging, she immediately switches to tear mode and complains full of self-pity about how bad the world is for her. When the Libra finally gets what they want, a charming smile quickly transfigures their charming features. Tears well – all well!


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Even if you can hardly believe it, the rational Virgo is one of the worst wailers among the zodiac signs. With a hypochondriac disposition and anxious about her health, the Virgo bursts into tears when her blood is drawn. Your fellow human beings can hardly believe it, but this zodiac sign can also press well on the tear gland if it thinks it’s right. Friends, colleagues and close family members should therefore always have a sufficient amount of handkerchiefs ready when this Queen of Tears diligently sheds tears.


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It really doesn’t surprise anyone that the sensitive and terrifying zodiac sign of Pisces is one of the top 3 tear-sheders. The fish grab the Kleenex when they see a particularly cute little animal or a cute child. Some friends and acquaintances roll their eyes in annoyance. Even if you get too close emotionally to the Pisces, criticize them or even treat them unfairly, the result can be a never-ending stream of tears. In the end, they usually achieve what they want – excuses for being too hard on them.


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