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6 zodiac signs that people have a hard time trusting (due to past relationships)


These people will not make the same mistake again.

And what about you Have you made the same mistake several times? Do you also find it difficult to trust people because of the traumatic experiences you have had in previous relationships? If so, then you might be one of those zodiac signs with trust issues, and for a good reason.

The fear of trusting someone goes far beyond astrology and horoscopes. Because pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting people because of the experiences one has had in previous relationships. Therefore, it is difficult for the people affected to get involved in a new partnership.

However, some zodiac signs tend to be more sensitive to pistanthrophobia than others. These are the people who feel emotions more deeply than others. When their heart is broken, it doesn’t heal instantly and they don’t have the habit of rushing into the next relationship right away because they need a lot of time to recover.

It’s okay after going through a lot of pain once, but knowingly repeating it is silly. So, take care of yourself and subconsciously promise that you will be very careful before you put your trust in someone. If you choose to trust someone, understand that it doesn’t happen right away, and it isn’t that easy either.

1. Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

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One of the ways a Scorpio can show they have trust issues is if they rarely believe anything their potential partner tells them. Scorpio places great value on the truth and if they cannot trust what their partner is telling them then their relationship will not move forward.

If it happens that a Scorpio’s partner is late because of traffic, the Scorpio assumes that he has met someone else. Scorpios have a hard time giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but they can’t believe the person who shows interest in them.

2. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

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Like Scorpio, Cancer has difficulty accepting what its potential partner tells it. It’s not that Cancer thinks they’re lying, but simply wants the constant reassurance that their partner likes them. He wants him to tell him he’s smart, that he can’t take his eyes off him because he’s so attractive and that he enjoys being with him.

Cancers want their partner to reply to their messages immediately and to keep calling just to tell them where they are. If it doesn’t, the Cancer will think it isn’t interested in it at all.

3rd Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

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The Taurus expresses lack of trust by being jealous of everything. If his potential partner doesn’t show him that he sees him as a priority, then Taurus will get really mad.

Although Taurus understands that his partner has his own life and that every second of his day is not just about him, he still wants to feel that his happiness is of great importance. When Taurus feels neglected, then he becomes jealous of the smallest things.

4. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

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If a Pisces has been hurt in a previous relationship it will take a long time to get over it. He will tell anyone who listens that no one is 100% trustworthy and if someone seems too perfect to be true then don’t become attached to that person.

Once a fish’s heart is broken, they will build a wall around them that is so high that it will be impossible for anyone to break through that wall. Because fish are vulnerable and sensitive, and they don’t want to be hurt again.

5th Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

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Libra who have been ravaged by a bad relationship have an interesting way to deal with a potential new relationship, which is to speed up the process. They expect too much too soon and if their potential partner fails, then the Libra will leave the relationship.

That is, if Libra sees that the relationship has stopped developing, they will immediately end the relationship. For the reason that she wants to protect herself from further injuries. Thus Libra has proof that relationships do not work for her and she can go on with her life as if she were insensitive to pain.

6th Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

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If a Virgo has been hurt by a previous relationship, she will find it difficult to find herself in a happy and healthy relationship. The truth is that a Virgo will ponder the mistakes of the bad relationship and go over all sorts of theories to find out why that time was so terrible. The result of their relationship analysis will be that it will become increasingly difficult for them to trust themselves and their own worth.

The Virgo will always think that she is not the relationship type and that she enjoys solitude. She doesn’t need or want any of the drama that relationships bring despite longing for a happy relationship.


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