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These 6 zodiac signs have the greatest difficulty getting out of a relationship


1. Fish

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You have such a heart of gold, dear fish, and everyone knows it. You also tend to idealize your partner and see only their best – which can lead to overlooking red flags and other signs that you might be better off leaving.

While it is good in itself to bond and try to overcome difficulties together with the other, you want too much to believe that your loved one would never do anything to hurt you and are therefore ready to give him / her to the bitter end defend if need be.

You end up staying in a relationship simply because you refuse to admit that your partner (or your relationship) is not what you wanted in your head.

2. Cancer

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You are in love with love and you can tell that too. You don’t enter into a relationship with everyone, but when you do, you have high hopes that this relationship is now “the one” and you spend more time dreaming about your future together than you would admit.

Especially because of your tendency to become emotionally attached to your partner very quickly, you let your heart, more than your head, rule in most situations in your relationships. Love is a great thing, but it’s not everything – although it might be hard to convince you.

You love the feelings you have for your partner and even if problems arise that actually call for a breakup, it is very unlikely for you to be simply because you are way too in love. You stay in the relationship for as long as you possibly can, unless you just have no other choice.

3. Virgo

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You really do belong to the very cautious, dear virgin. Your standards are high, your ramparts numerous, and your ability to open yourself up only comes to light after you’ve probed for an extremely long time that it is safe to do so.

You put a lot of work into finding an exceptional partner and you are nowhere near entering into a relationship with everyone; but that doesn’t mean your relationships will always go smoothly. You are an intelligent person and you are quite aware of problems in the relationship, but instead of breaking up, you tend to use all your might to try to resolve any potential problem that arises.

You don’t mind taking on more responsibility, and you have a lot of patience, which is why you usually stay in a relationship longer than you should – simply because you think you can fix it with a little more time.

4th bull

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You like order and structure, dear Taurus, and you have no problem letting others know. As soon as your life is calm, solid, and orderly, you are completely satisfied: regardless of whether it is good or bad.

When it comes to your relationships, you may find that your partner isn’t always the best, or that you may not even be in love as you should be – but leaving the relationship would cause more chaos and inconvenience than you accept ready to take.

You may not stay in the relationship out of love, but because it’s convenient and easier – and while that’s not necessarily the most romantic thing, you don’t really care as long as the relationship gives you what you really want.

5. Libra

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Libra may be the mark of marriage, but that’s not necessarily why you tend to remain in relationships. You are an incredibly devoted partner, and although you may need some time before entering into a relationship, once you’ve bonded with someone, a lot has to happen before you leave.

Libra always strive to make all your relationships as happy and harmonious as possible – which is wonderful in itself, but can drive you to accept things in the name of peace that you shouldn’t be accepting.

Like Taurus, you want everything to be comfortable (even if you want it to be more for everyone else in your life than for yourself) and you are unlikely to leave the relationship because you don’t experience unnecessary pain or discomfort regardless of how much the two of you would benefit from ending the relationship.

And if you do end the relationship, it is not unlikely that you will return to a previous partner, as you can never completely let go of them even after it is all over.

6. Scorpio

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In relationships, you are a partner of unlikely passion and intensity .Scorpio don’t fall in love often, but when you do, it’s for good reason, and you’re completely enchanted by your partner. Scorpio enter the relationship with body and soul and make sure that the other person will definitely never forget it.

Scorpio are more than determined to keep the relationship alive because you are so infatuated with your partner and your feelings for them (and let’s be honest, their feelings for you too). You are likely to leave the relationship only in extreme circumstances, such as when your partner cheats on you – and even then you will still be fixated on the broken relationship and your revenge on your ex so that you can never completely let go of him.


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