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These 5 zodiac signs are much more selfish than any other

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We can’t all be perfect.

Let’s be honest. We all have selfish tendencies, and that’s fine too! It all comes down to the mix of our oh-so-complicated human selves.

However, some of us tend to use this characteristic a little more regularly than others.

If you keep hearing about how selfish you are, but honestly don’t understand why, hopefully this article can help you a little.

We often don’t see ourselves and sometimes we have to get information from outside. Hopefully these will help us gain a deeper insight – but it is also true that the most selfish people think they are NOT doing anything wrong at ALL. They assume that the problem lies with everyone else and NOT with them.

Do you think you could be one of them? Maybe it’s your zodiac sign – and absolutely not your fault. Right? This can explain why and how this trait has taken over the reins in your personal and / or professional life.

Okay, maybe a little bit of the blame is yours too – not just the stars – but it can at least help to find out WHY you’re so … well, selfish.

And so we come to the most selfish zodiac signs:

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Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

When an Aries woman realizes what she wants, she gets it too. That’s actually good, isn’t it? Yes, but it can also get a little out of hand. Aries has a complete “me first” attitude and tends to have one of the most determined personalities around.

It’s very simple: if you go to the supermarket with an Aries woman and she sees the last frozen salami pizza, but knows that you want it too, then she will fight to the blood for it. Well, bad luck! She will give reasons (even if you know those reasons are made up) why she desperately needs that final salami pizza.

IF IT IS YOU: Make sacrifices, dear Aries. We get it – you HATE inconveniences, but let’s be honest: They are part of life. Let someone else take care of the pizza.

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Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Even if a Taurus woman stands for stability and reliability, her urge for security can often make her greedy and materialistic. It can also become overly sensitive, overly emotional, and DEFINITELY overly possessive.

For example, a Taurus woman will trick her boyfriend into buying her extra new clothes just for a weekend trip, but will attack the woman who is staring at her husband with hungry eyes. That’s the way the bull is.

IF YOU ARE: Stop wanting more and more and let your relationship flourish with what you already have. And don’t be so aggressive. You can do it … you don’t have to prove yourself.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Even if Gemini are very good at being accommodating and changeable, it can go WAY over the target faster than expected. Because of her changeable personality, a Gemini woman can appear vain and superficial.

If you’re at a party with a Gemini, don’t be surprised if their pretended personality pops up and a whole new person shows up out of nowhere (who was NOT in the car with you 5 minutes ago). She tends to adapt to her surroundings for her own self-centered reasons, and she doesn’t really care whether you want to join in or not.

IF IT IS YOU: You have to learn to be content with your own self. No one is impressed by your possessions or reputation … when people hang out with you, they do it because they like YOU. So put off this false personality and allow yourself to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Nothing is faked in a lioness; however, it should come as no surprise that she can also be very selfish. It’s great, of course, that she fearlessly conquers any obstacle in her path, but when she sees something she wants, it’s game over for everyone else.

In her eyes her name is written on that ONE thing she wants no matter who else is interested in the same thing.

IF IT IS YOU: Let someone else take the spotlight for a while. If you want to keep friends, you will have to make sacrifices.

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Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

A Virgo is meticulous. She has a keen eye for any kind of weakness or misconduct, which is great for personal development. But she is the very first to criticize everyone else.

Being tough with yourself is one thing, but being tough and critical with others is another. Just because you wouldn’t do something that way doesn’t mean that others can’t do it that way after all, Virgo.

Did i ask you if i gained weight? No. I didn’t ask for your opinion. Stop thinking about how YOU would do something, dear Virgo, and start to realize that the person you are talking to is a DIFFERENT PERSON than you.

IF IT IS YOU: Hold back criticism and let your friends do their own thing. We all can’t always have everything we want, so make sure you let other people do things their own way.

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