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What Women Of Different Zodiac Signs Hide


Each zodiac sign hides its true face behind a mask of personality. A woman is a mystery in itself, but under a mask she is not vulnerable. So who is who?
In this article, we are tearing off the masks from you, ladies!

Agree that each person wears his own individual mask. As for women, the beautiful half copes with this issue at the highest level. Once they succeed – a mystery. Who else but a woman can hide her real emotions. Astrologers believe that the inner nature of women is such that they can hide their true face and try on a suitable mask for the situation easily and simply, maybe they have this ability already in the genetic code. And here is what astrologers say.

Aries Woman

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It creates the image of a strong, active and aggressive woman – in fact, inside the woman – the ram is hidden by the “forgotten child”. They are panicky afraid of being abandoned and abandoned, so they try to mask their inner feelings and emotions in every way.

Taurus Woman

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It creates the image of a calm, balanced woman, although in fact Taurus is manic afraid of chaos and global cataclysms in her life, it will be worse for Taurus if a very close and dear person is the messenger of this chaos. Do not think that Taurus will pour out his experiences. A mask of insight and calm will be on Taurus until Taurus finds a way out of this situation.

Gemini woman

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Creates the image of a cheerful and carefree woman who has everything without problems. In fact, Gemini hides their manic nervousness absolutely to everything, especially to those who are afraid to lose, can not stand the routine and gloom.

Cancer Woman

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In appearance, tender, sympathetic, riddled with love and care, will carefully listen to you, give advice, but the mask hides a sly nature with a cold calculation. Cancer only thinks about itself and its own benefits. With Cancer, you must be on the alert.

Leo woman

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As befits the royal zodiac sign, likes to keep a mark, walks always with his head held high and arrogant look, in fact, behind an impenetrable mask is a soft and caring heart, surround Leo with caress and care, shower him with compliments and you will be happy.

Virgo Woman

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She is always collected and unshakable in her decisions, but do not forget that the Virgin has another face. Virgo is an unsurpassed certified detective. If Virgo laid eyes on a man and wants to get him husbands, then be careful, as all your secret will be obvious, men will not fall! Passwords from bank accounts, Skype, e-mail, Virgo will fetch from you so that you do not blink an eye.

Libra Woman

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Calm, peaceful, credible creature, but, alas, this is not her real face. Behind the mask, Libra hides a nature that is far from ideal. A woman – scales looks at her partner as a puppet, able to solve all her whims and desires. Scales are not able to solve their problems without anyone else’s help.

Scorpio Woman

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In appearance, strict, proud and strong, in reality the most real darling, ready to dissolve in your loved one, true. If your chosen one is Scorpio, then you can be congratulated, you are the happiest in the whole world. Scorpio Woman is a gift of fate, appreciate it.

Sagittarius Woman

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Wayward, independent, masterful “cat walking on its own.” He tries to create the image of a self-sufficient person who is well versed in absolutely all everyday matters, but this is again a mask. Sagittarius dreams of it, to be like everyone else. Sagittarius constantly aching and crying, complaining about his failed star life.

Capricorn Woman

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This is most often self-confident, calm, but this is only an appearance. Look under the mask of Capricorn and offer a kind, bold sentence, the reaction will be instant, you will hear one phrase dumber than the other. So much stubbornness and discontent, you will regret that you generally offered something.

Aquarius Woman

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Eccentric, windy, extraordinary, throw dust in your eyes. Behind the smile of Aquarius lies a deep psychoanalyst who can figure out the hardest nut. Keep in mind that if Aquarius convicts you of treason or feels the most insignificant catch, know that Aquarius is a big fan of breaking plates not only on the floor in the living room, as if these plates flew into you.

Woman Pisces

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Sweet and magnificent, a wonderful creature, in need of a strong male shoulder, at first glance, a defenseless coquette, but this is just a proven move of an experienced woman strategist. The fish is able to hook on its hook the fattest bait – a wealthy fisherman. Fish puts its nets in the right place, where fish always live.


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