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For 2020, these 4 zodiac signs have decided not to chase the wrong people.

For 2020, these 4 zodiac signs have decided not to chase the wrong people.

For 2020, these 4 zodiac signs have decided not to chase the wrong people.

Libra ( September 24  October 23)

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In the past, you have had the experience of being in a “fast relationship” too often, that is, in contact with someone with whom you felt like a relationship, but who have never officially been a couple. You are tired of fighting for someone and always taking the first step. You are tired of wearing your heart on your tongue and in return only experiencing pain and disappointment.

Maybe you have these experiences so used to draw your lessons from it, but now you’re finally at peace with yourself and want the wrong people no place and no power more about you give . These experiences have helped you to become more confident and not to run after people who do not invest the same energy in contact as you do.

You have realized when it is time to let go and when a fight is no longer worth fighting. Because fighting for someone who doesn’t fight for you is pointless. You have a big heart and a stressed but also patient soul, save it for the right person. In 2020 you decided to stop giving yourself up for wrong people.

Lion ( July 23  August 23)

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In the past you chased people who were poison to your soul, but today you are more mature and experienced and see through these toxic people. In 2020 you will not run after anyone who is not good for your soul. You will no longer be under the spell of anyone who does not know how to treat you.

You will no longer give anyone the opportunity to hurt yourself because they do not know whether they want something solid or something “loose” with you. Either everything or nothing, that’s your motto, you are no longer satisfied with half things. You want someone who plays with open cards from the start and who, like you, has a heart on his tongue. Someone who communicates their emotions openly and doesn’t make guesswork out of them.

Scorpio ( October 24th  November 22nd)

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You used to have a bad habit of chasing people who didn’t deserve you because they couldn’t see what a gift you were for their lives. You were wrongly convinced that you should be happy that they were with you, and you were the blessing in their lives while they were a curse on yours.

But now that you have left your insecurities and self-doubt behind, you have realized that you do not need these people to be happy. Now that you have learned to love yourself, you have realized that true love does not involve guessing games, power games and disappointment.

You no longer write a message when you realize that it boils down to doing all the work so that she stays in touch. You want to get to know each other on an equal footing and you are satisfied with nothing less than that. And if there is nobody, then you just stay single and that is not a problem for you. Better single than in an unbalanced, unstable, toxic relationship full of drama.

Cancer ( June 22  July 22)

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Right now, being in a relationship is lower on your priority list in your life. To be honest, you don’t even think much about what it would be like to be forgiven. You like your life as it is right now. You used to run after the wrong people because you thought you could only be so happy. But today you know that there is more important than a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

Your family, friends, career and, above all, your inner peace are on your list of priorities. There is more important than wasting your time chasing someone who doesn’t appreciate your efforts and who will only hurt you in the end.

Even if you are open to a relationship and would not reject it if it were at your door, it is no longer in your interest to specifically look for it out there. You let yourself go with life and watch what happens, no pressure and no more stress that you expose yourself to. Force nothing more, just receive what is intended for you.

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