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The Kind Of Wife She’ll Be, Based On Her Birth Order

Only Child

If you’re an only child, you’re going to be self-sufficient even when you’re married. You aren’t going to give up your identity, simply because you’re part of a partnership now. You will maintain your hobbies and friendships and interests because they’re what makes you you. Of course, even though you’ll need your fair share of space from your partner, you will treat them right. You are an overachiever brimming with passion, so you aren’t afraid to put effort into the relationship. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married because you will always try hard to make your person happy.

Oldest Child

If you’re the oldest child, you’re going to handle most of the responsibilities in the relationship. You will set the schedule and the priorities. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll let your partner get away with murder. You will expect them to do their fair share. You won’t baby them. Since you’re the oldest, you are pretty outspoken. If you have a problem with your partner, you won’t hold it inside. You will blurt out your feelings — but that’s a good thing because they will never have to guess where you stand. When there are problems, you two can work on fixing them since it’s all out in the open.

Middle Child

If you’re the middle child, you know how to share and how to compromise. You’re going to be an excellent partner because you will always consider your person’s feelings. You won’t stubbornly insist on having things your way because you will value their input. You are an excellent listener, so your person will always feel heard. They will feel like you have their best interest at heart. The biggest ‘downside’ to marrying you is that you need a ton of attention and reassurance — but the right person won’t mind giving it to you. They will remind you that you’re appreciated every single day.

Youngest Child

If you’re the youngest child, your creativity is going to keep the marriage fresh and fun. You’ll always be coming up with fun ways to spend the weekend so the relationship doesn’t grow too repetitive. You’re also charismatic, so you’ll shower your partner with compliments and make them feel attractive, even if you’ve been together for years and years. However, you are a little dependent, so you’ll rely on your partner to do a lot of the work in the relationship. This doesn’t mean you’ll do nothing. But you need someone okay with picking up the slack every once in a while.


If you’re a twin, you enjoy spending a ton of quality time with your partner. You never need too much space. The distance can make you question the relationship. For your marriage to thrive, you need to make sure you’re setting aside enough time for date nights and cuddle sessions. Luckily, you’re adaptable, so you won’t mind tagging along to events and activities that your partner enjoys, even if you don’t quite understand them yourself. Overall, you make a wonderful partner because you are attentive and always show up when they need you, no questions asked

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