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How Each Zodiac Sign Moves On From Divorce


You’ve always been good at moving on from heartbreak. Your friends think you move on “too fast,” but you truly just don’t have the space in your heart to dwell. Do you wish your ex the worst? Of course! But you aren’t going to sweat it for long.


Your divorce will feel like the end of the world. You’ve cultivated such a life for yourself as a couple, it’ll feel like everything’s turned upside down and it’ll take a while for you to recover. But you’ll move on by creating a new space for yourself as this new single version of yourself.


You’re the one throwing the divorce party, complete with an elaborate themed cake and a ceremonial burning of all the things that remind you of your ex. You’re just ready to shed all the bad energy and move on in the most epic way possible.


You’ll talk about your divorce to anyone who’ll listen. You’ll get deep, you’ll cry, you’ll talk about how betrayed you feel. Does your mail carrier or the barista making your oat milk latte want to hear it? Not necessarily. You’ll know you’ve moved on when you don’t jump to the divorce story when someone asks you how you are.


It’s really important to you that everyone knows the divorce wasn’t your fault. So important that you contact people from your ex’s side of things, like in-laws and ex’s friends, just to let them know your side. Once you feel vindicated, you can move on.


You have a whole game plan when it comes to moving on from your divorce. You’ve scheduled some time where you just sit around and cry, but you’ve also planned outings with your most encouraging friends. Some classes, some therapy, and you should be good to go.


You move on in only the best way you know how: With a rebound fling. Maybe you’ll schedule a girl’s trip so you can find yourself on a Mexican beach. Or maybe you’ll finally ask out that guy you work with who always flirts with you. Divorce who?


After a period of hiding in your home by yourself in the dark, you’ll finally start moving on from your divorce by letting your friends in to help. Maybe they’ll clean up your apartment, let the light in, and you’ll feel like just a bit of that weight has left your shoulders.


There’s no sitting still for you when it comes to moving on from divorce. The longer you sit at home feeling sorry for yourself, the worse you feel. You’d prefer an Under the Tuscan Sun moment where you flit off to Italy to buy and restore a dilapidated villa.


You’ll move on from your divorce through sheer force of will. You don’t want to be holding onto this past relationship, so you just won’t. Your friends and family might be worried, but you swear you’ve got this. You know how to keep your crying to a minimum.


You’ll move on by throwing yourself into your projects and work. It’s time for your workaholic side to go into overdrive. That means you might end up with a promotion at the end of this, all thanks to the overwork that comes with an Aquarius moving on after divorce.


You move on from a divorce with time. You wish you could throw a party and get over it like some of the other signs, but that doesn’t tork. (You know, you tried.) You just need to surround yourself with people who love you and you’ll be okay in the end

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