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These 2 Zodiac Signs Are Practically Psychics


The writings are on the wall, Pisces. Every aspect of your being indicates your natural gift for psychic inclinations. You are a water sign, represented by the fish, and The Moon tarot card. With that said, my dear fish you are no stranger to diving deep into the depths of the human psyche. You understand that everything and everyone is connected through the collective unconscious and the past way to access the collective is by diving into your subconscious. Most people don’t realize that we always know what the truth is, most of us are just too afraid to search for it. Not you. You’ve mastered the art of trusting, tuning out all the noise, and listening closely to what your intuition is telling you. Where The Sun represents consciousness and our waking thoughts, The Moon is a symbol of the subconscious. The Moon tarot card is associated with your sign, meaning you understand that like our moon affects the tides of the ocean, our subconscious affects the actions we take without us realizing it. You’re incredibly self-aware and a borderline mind reader without even trying. You find the answers not through analyzing the lies that people tell you or by searching for inconsistencies in their words. For you, you just know. When people ask you how you always know, you can’t answer it in a way that makes sense to them. You just know, and this skill has never let you down.


Capricorn, you are probably one of the last zodiac signs that people would expect to show up on this list, but you and I both know you belong here. The thing about you is that you’re quite good at playing dumb, but the truth is you’re all-knowing. You are represented by The Devil tarot card which, among many other things, can represent sin, temptation, and the pitfalls of human existence. With that said, you know better than anybody else the darker inner workings of the inner psyche and how to exploit it to your benefit. Not for the sake of malicious intent, but rather for your self-preservation. You understand the underlying motives that drive us as human beings and you’re not afraid to embrace your shadow side. With that said, what makes you especially psychic is your ability to play devil’s advocate. You are skilled at putting yourself in other people’s shoes to understand their motives. You’re not easily manipulated and you can read others like a book. While most people tend to think of themselves as completely good with pure intentions, you see this hopeful thinking as naive and giving others the chance to hurt you and bring you down as soon as the opportunity arises. Put it this way, you’re playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers. You’re always ten steps ahead and you know exactly the moves a person is going to make before they even know their next move.

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