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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Speak Up Before They Lose Out On Love


You’ve been so afraid to call it love, Pisces when all the signs are there as clear as day. You worry no one will validate these feelings because of insignificant circumstances, because these feelings have played out over what seems like a relatively short amount of time. But a week with the right person can mean more than ten with someone who was never right for you in the first place, so stop selling yourself short. Do the thing, spill your guts out for everyone to hear before this person slips away for good. We have to be willing to ask for the love we deserve, to express that we want it in the first place. How else can you ever expect to receive it?


You are too afraid to step on someone else’s toes, Leo, but what’s meant for you is meant for you, and if someone else can’t see that, if someone else is mistaken about the situation, keeping quiet yourself won’t change that for anyone involved. The loyalty you feel towards this other person is admirable, but you can’t make someone fall in love with them by renouncing feelings that belong to no one but yourself. Martyrdom helps no one in this situation, so just come clean. When they find the person who was meant for them, they will realize how wrong it was to try and force what is not working here.


You need to say what you want, Gemini. You need to spell it out without expecting anyone to guess, or setting them up for failure. If you want them to come running after you, say so. If you want things to move to the next level or slow down, say so. If you want to make decisions as a team or talk about what the future holds, you just have to open your mouth and use the ability of language. If you don’t, if you hold your tongue and force a loved one to grope in the dark for your needs, everyone will end up lost and lonely, when all it takes is asking someone for a hand to hold instead


You don’t let anyone close enough to truly love you, Scorpio. You push them away before they’ve ever had a chance for something real to take hold. All you have to do is speak up. To admit you are scared. You don’t know what you’re doing, or where this will lead, but you mostly don’t want to lose it. If you could just say that, just ask someone to be patient, ask them to stay, you’d be so surprised at how willing they are to do just that. To give you what you need most. To be there for you, and prove they’re trustworthy. But unless you let anyone know that’s what you’re looking for, they won’t think to offer it to you, like a glass of water on a hot day

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