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How To Get A Second Date With Each Zodiac

Modern dating is complicated. With the rise of social media, many argue that the potential pool of lovers has become far more superficial. It’s all too easy to get a false sense of gratification by swiping for more options on a dating app. However, there are still plenty of lovers out there, longing for a genuine partnership and uplifting experiences.

If you’re going on a date soon, read for your crush’s zodiac sign. While you can’t determine someone’s state of maturity based on their sign alone, you can prepare yourself by understanding their core motivations in a relationship.


If you want a second date with an Aries, don’t hold back on being yourself. Nothing is sexier to this fiery personality than a straight shooter. Being focused on your own life, with your own strong opinions, likes, and dislikes, is like an irresistible aphrodisiac. Authenticity is their natural state of being. They dislike having to downplay their bold personality. If you grant them the space to be wild and free, all while showing your true colors yourself, they’ll be sure to text you for another date.

Do’s: Be honest, genuine, playful, and straightforward.

Don’t: Be codependent, clingy, cynical, or superficial.


To woo a Taurus, maintaining a first-impression aura of overall stability is key. Nothing turns this zodiac off more than feeling they will have to be the rock while someone else is unreliable. When a Taurus is getting to know someone, there are walls up. As a slow burner, they dedicate themselves to loyalty over time. A Taurus is a true romantic but in a sensual, practical way. They will treat their lovers to fine dining, sensual experiences, beautiful scenes, and gifts. Be generous, stimulating their five senses, and they’ll be sure to leave wanting more.

Do’s: Be grounded, trustworthy, patient, generous, and sensually aware.

Don’ts: Come on too strong, unpredictable, or unserious.


Geminis are known for their sociable, exciting nature. It’s best on a first date to come off as friendly, warm, and open-minded. Nothing turns this zodiac off more than someone who has already made their mind up about everything and anything. To grab their attention, you must move swiftly and keep up with their fast pace. Geminis are mentally in twenty places at once, so witty charm, playful banter, and intellectual conversations keep them on their toes. If you teach them something new, successfully grabbing their interest, they’ll be eager to learn more from you. They admire intelligence, optimism, and free-spirited people.

Do’s: Be sociable, friendly, humorous, and lighthearted.

Don’t: Be stubborn, too serious, cynical, or fixed.


If you want to win over Cancer, a little emotional vulnerability goes a long way. Cancers are natural-born lovers. However, they are more reserved upon first impression. Once they let you in, they have a hard time even considering letting you go. Therefore, they rely on their instincts and intuition to get a good read on potential new connections first and foremost. To have a smooth first date, show them that it’s safe to be gentle with you. Show your nurturing, emotionally intelligent, and loving side. A Cancer will surely want to see you again if they sense you’re wise beyond your years.

Do’s: Be calm, consistent, nurturing, and emotionally responsive, and receptive.

Don’t: Be nonchalant, detached, critical, or emotionally unpredictable.


To win over a Leo, show off whatever you’re confident about. A strong Leo needs an equal partner. They avoid someone insecure or limited in thinking, who tries to dim their shine. While some Leos are egoic, healthy Leos just want someone sure of themselves. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, showing pride in your appearance, and bold, direct compliments go a long way. Show Leo how you can be a dynamic duo and power couple. They are comfortable with their individuality. To get into a partnership, they want someone who can help them light up the world.

Do’s: Be self-assured, bold, and show strong leadership skills.

Don’t: Be self-critical, trying too hard to impress, or insecure.


The key to a Virgo’s heart is allowing them to feel safe and in control. While Virgos are known for being meticulous and detail-oriented, they truly just need to feel in the driver’s seat. Someone who is put together, clean, organized, and takes pride in their work charms them. If you want to get a second date, take the time to ask as many details about your crush as you can. Being so mindful, they will appreciate when someone wants to understand them inside and out in the same fashion. Intellectual stimulation mixed with responsibility turns on this Earth sign.

Do’s: Be mature, responsible, intelligent, and conversational

Don’t: Put sexuality or sensuality before intellectual stimulation and connection.


Libras are the relationship sign of the zodiac. Therefore, you have a natural born flirt and romantic in this zodiac. To secure your crush, show them that you’re thoughtful and kind. Libras are constantly aware of their environment and people’s needs. They get exhausted from having to play the meditator and keep the peace. Libra is impressed by those who can create harmony in their life. Further, they are used to having to be digestible to be liked. Show them that you’re a safe space to be authentic, and transparent, and take care of their own needs. They’ll never be able to decline your calls again!

Do’s: Be kind, thoughtful, interesting, and charming.

Don’t: Be rude, inconsiderate, serious, or stiff.


To get a second date with a Scorpio, put all of your cards on the table. This zodiac loves to feel informed. They will go to great lengths to understand someone they desire inside and out. If you are transparent about the good and the bad, while still leaving some mystery, they will be eager for more. While they are often considered the most sexual sign, chemistry doesn’t come from physicality alone. Scorpio is turned on by those who are determined, focused, and in their power. Speaking to them from a surface-level approach is sure to get you shut out.

Do’s: Be transparent, empowered, and self-aware of your deeper psychology and emotions.

Don’t: Be superficial, emotionally unavailable, or choose to be too polite over authentic.


Sagittarius is full of passion. Therefore, to secure a second date, the first one needs to be fun. If you show up ready for anything, you’ll find more luck. Creating restrictive plans or intense expectations makes them run for the hills. This zodiac looks for a partner who prioritizes intellectual growth and shares similar philosophies. While they can get along with virtually anyone, they only become bonded to a lover who has a true moral compass and is always down to explore. Enthusiasm, courage, conviction, and integrity excite this Fire sign.

Do’s: Be spontaneous, courageous, confident, intellectual, yet silly.

Don’t: Be close-minded, indifferent, ignorant, or meticulous.


Whenever you want to impress a Capricorn, show them your potential. Capricorns love those who are hard-working, determined, and knowledgeable. When this zodiac cares for you, they’ll go the extra mile to help you become the best version of yourself. Therefore, on your first date, be sure to be confident in what you have to offer. Share your strengths with self-assuredness. At the same time, be transparent about the way a partner would play into your life. Nothing turns them on more than knowing their role and excelling at it. When you set them up for success, as well as show off your capabilities, a second date will be in order.

Do’s: Be straightforward, mature, sensible, and grounded.

Don’t: Be all over the place, without boundaries, or childlike.


An Aquarius will want a second date when the first one feels innovative. This zodiac sign wants to go beyond the traditional norms of love. They don’t like to feel possessed or be possessive. They want a romantic partner who doubles as a best friend. When you care platonically, you allow people to be who they are. The same principle applies romantically to Aquarians. Being confident in your quirks and differences goes a long way. Rather than trying to come off as predictable or normal, share your unique perspectives and personality.

Do’s: Be original, unique, authentic, and trailblazing in your approach.

Don’ts: Be boring, codependent, clingy, or lacking individual goals.


Pisces loves love. Therefore, a first date with this is all about showing how romantic you are. Don’t shy away from being emotionally vulnerable and soft. This zodiac sign wants to know their lover intimately. They’re deeply uncomfortable in relationships where people withhold their emotions from one another. Finding a way to merge with Pisces on the same artistic, spiritual, or emotional interests goes a long way. To get a second date, show compassion, genuineness, and a deeper inner world.

Do’s: Be introspective, thoughtful, compassionate, and sensitive.

Don’t: Be reckless, harsh, boastful, or egotistical

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