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This Is Why Your Ex Still Thinks Of You In 2024, Based On Your Zodiac

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ARIES: Their world has been gray since you left.

You showed them colors not from this world. With you, life was a constant surprise and adventure. You taught them how to push fear aside. It was because of you that your ex learned how to go after their desires. Your boldness was refreshing. No one has come close to making them feel as alive as you did. They miss how you were always willing to try new things and how you showed interest in their passions.

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TAURUS: You had an incredible ability to make them feel safe.

You were home to them. Maybe they came to realize that too late, but without you they feel out of place in this world. No one that comes after you will be able to provide them with the same stability and comfort—they know this. It’s a hard pill to swallow. You made them feel secure and loved in a way that pales in comparison to other lovers. Your warmth is something that can’t be replaced.

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GEMINI: You’re so full of life.

They hung on your every word. No one can command a room quite like you do. Your ex may not admit it, but they still adore you. They’re jealous of whoever gets to soak up your attention and charm these days. You conquered them through the mind and spoiled them with surprise at every turn. Everyone since has made them miss every stimulating minute spent with you. There’s days that they’d give anything to have even an earful of your drama.

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CANCER: They’re afraid no one will love them how you did.

You’re hard to get to know, and that’s because doing so is a privilege. You hide under a tough exterior. Your ex got to intimately know that soft, sweet side you keep reserved only for the most special of people. They felt held by you. In your arms, they were loved. You nurtured and supported them. When they needed it, you were there to hold them through the night. Pure love like that can be rare to come across.

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LEO: You’re the one who got away.

Your ex spent the entire relationship pinching themselves. If you were in the same room as the moon, it would be in your direction people would look. Your fearlessness and confidence inspired intimidation—and so did your horde of fans. They projected their insecurities, and perhaps they even self-sabotaged things between you two. You’ll always be the one they let slip through their fingers. Late at night, they replay everything they could have done differently.

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VIRGO: Your ex misses how you brought out the best in them.

Life was easier with you. You were always there to lend a hand and pick up the slack at home. You’re a reliable and nurturing partner. Most nights you cooked for them, and every morning you made their coffee just how they like it. Stress was more manageable and things ran more smoothly with you around. It’s not just that, though. They miss the way you motivated them to strive for the best. You were the one who taught them how to believe in themselves and never give up.

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LIBRA: They still stalk your social media.

There’s an ethereal beauty about you that transcends the physical realm. You made your ex feel like a star just for burning so brightly next to you. They still scroll through your feed because they miss how you made them feel at ease. Life was peaceful with you. You always knew how to balance them out. You did everything in your power to make your partner happy. They long for someone as attentive and affectionate as you, but they know that person will never come.

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SCORPIO: No one in this world could ever match your intensity.

No one has ever made them feel like you. You pushed them to explore the emotions they kept hidden from even themselves. With you, they felt comfortable getting in touch with their darkest desires. Your ex misses your passion and ferocity. They’re still haunted by the way you threw yourself completely into everything, especially love. They can’t stop thinking about how you made them feel during sex. Sometimes they have to keep from calling out your name when they’re with someone else.

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SAGITTARIUS: You opened them up to a whole new world.

It still turns them on how you can’t resist a challenge. During your time together, they were introduced to adventure and unfamiliar places. You pushed them outside of their comfort zone, always encouraging them to try new things. Your ex felt inspired by you to be daring and fearless. You swept them off their feet with fun and surprise. They’re forever impressed by your knowledge of art, culture, food, music, and wine. Life is simply boring without you.

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CAPRICORN: You were the best thing that ever happened to them.

Your ex knows that you’re everything and more that anyone could ever ask for in love. You’re goal-oriented, responsible, and committed. There’s a soft, sweet side to you who’s nurturing to the one you love. When you’re in a relationship, you dedicate yourself entirely to make it work. They regret taking you for granted and letting you get away. They’re haunted by the fact that you would have been the most devoted life partner.

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AQUARIUS: They felt free to be themselves around you.

Your ex misses the freedom that came from being able to express their true selves with you. You made them feel accepted and loved for being exactly who they are. They miss the way you made their quirks feel endearing. Your relationship taught them to never conform to society’s norms or anyone else’s standards. You dared them to pursue their curiosity in the strange, mystical, and wonderful. When they explore new corners of the world, they can’t help but think of you and how you inspired them to always live their dreams.

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PISCES: Everything made sense when they were with you.

They miss how safe it felt being vulnerable opening up to you. With you, everything was warm and pink. You seemed to be able to read their mind, always knowing what to say to soothe them or boost their ego. There’s no creature more tender or selfless than you. You exude an effortless tranquility. People can’t help but be drawn to your aura. Your ex misses how everything in the world felt right with you—how you made them feel they had a place in it.

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