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The Text Each Zodiac Wants To Send Right Now (But Is Too Afraid To)

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ARIES: “I’m sorry. You were right, I was wrong.”

Aries, you’re powerful, charismatic, and fearless—there’s much to admire about you. With a force such as you, however, comes a maddening need to always be right. Your ego often doesn’t allow you to take the blame or admit when you’re wrong. That tiny little voice that has been nagging you is called your conscience. Listen to it. Own up to your mistake and admit you might have been out of line.

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TAURUS: “This just isn’t working anymore.”

Change might be scary, but what you should fear more is staying in a situation that is no longer sustainable. You’re a creature of habit—and a stubborn one at that—but deep down you know that the relationship has run its course. You can’t control everything, Taurus. The sooner you start embracing the unknown, the sooner the things that are truly meant for you will find you. Don’t sacrifice the things you desire and deserve in favor of familiarity. You wouldn’t feel the way you do if they provided you with actual emotional security.

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GEMINI: “You’re seriously boring me.”

Face it, the only thing you’re digging about them is how much they adore you. You share nothing in common, which doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but there’s nothing you find stimulating about them. Their interests are lackluster, and so is the conversation. You want someone who will challenge you and expose your mind to new horizons. A wild card like you deserves someone who will keep you guessing (in a good way). Move on and don’t go through the motions with them. You’ll find someone super obsessed with you in no time.

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CANCER: “What do you take me for, a fool?”

Cancer, you’re certainly not the sentimental fool you’re made out to be. You may have a heart of gold, but you’re certainly not going to be bowing down to anyone trying to take advantage of you. Sure, you’re sensitive and a dreamer of love, but you secretly like to dominate (and you’re well aware you’ve got the world at your fingertips). You’ve got incredible insight when it comes to the world and other people—use it. If your gut is telling you they’ve got no good intentions, then you’re probably right.

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LEO: “You’re dimming my light.”

You instinctively know who cares about you and who doesn’t. Someone who doesn’t let you shine like the sun that you are doesn’t truly appreciate you for who you are and certainly doesn’t have your best interests at heart. If you’re not feeling like yourself, then it’s time to get away from their clutches. You’ve got so much presence that you blazingly light up each room you walk into—walk into those rooms without them.

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VIRGO: “I need your help.”

You only let other people see what you want them to see—and you never want them to see you struggle. You have an extremely difficult time reaching out for help when you need it. You’re constantly serving as everyone else’s rock. You overexert yourself being there for others and helping make their lives easier. It’s okay to let others do the same for you. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help when you need it.

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LIBRA: “I’m not going to compete with others for your attention.”

Oh, you know that you’re a marvelous thing to behold! It’s more than your innate sexiness—you’ve got a beauty that radiates through from within. You’re not a jealous person, but you’re not the type that’s okay competing against others for someone’s attention. Their indecision is telling you all you need to know: this person isn’t worth risking anything for. You know exactly what you want and you have to admit that they don’t live up to the image of the partner you have in mind. Next!

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SCORPIO: “I don’t want us to see other people.”

You don’t speak nearly a tenth of what’s on your mind, but this is important, Scorpio. You don’t fall in love easily—it takes you a while to get there. You have a hard time trusting and handing your heart over, even once you have fallen in love. This is worth it. Being vulnerable is terrifying, but it’s beautiful and it takes a lot of strength. You can do this. You need to do this. You won’t know if someone is meant for you unless you lay down all your cards on the table. Tell them how you feel. They’re probably too intimidated by you to start the conversation.

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SAGITTARIUS: “I feel suffocated.”

If you’re not learning or chasing after new experiences, then you’re not living. You need someone who will come along for the ride or balance you out—not someone who will hold you back. Instead of conquering new worlds, you’ve felt confined in yours lately. Life is gray because you’re being stifled. It’s time to ask for space or cut ties if you can’t be granted the freedom you require. This earth is yours to explore—with or without their support.

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CAPRICORN: “I’m ready. I want to open up with you.”

You’re someone who needs time to analyze, formulate, and weigh every pro and con. When it comes to romance, you’re extremely cautious about giving your heart away. Love isn’t something you’re quick to dive into. You hold back and tend to build walls to keep potential mates away. You hold the reins until you know someone can be trusted, but you’ve been holding on for too long. Capricorn, you won’t know a beautiful thing until you take a risk. Vulnerability isn’t weakness. Open up and take that next step. Stop being so afraid of not being understood.

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AQUARIUS: “I need time alone right now.”

Yes, you’re the sign of friendship, but you’re also a creature who requires significant alone time to recharge. You need that solo time to stay inspired and motivated. If you don’t get it, you can become restless and anxious. It’s okay to take a break from social obligations and from other people. Withdrawing and retreating into your own space is how you achieve your creative breakthroughs. You’re afraid that others will view your strong desire for solitude as cold and detached, but that’s their problem. Those aren’t people you need around, anyway.

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PISCES: “You don’t deserve any of me—not my energy, not my time, and not my heart.”

Pisces, you’re one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. You’re not the weak soul that you’re portrayed to be. Strong, instinctive, clever, powerful, personable, and intelligent are words better suited to describe you. This toxic person has made you forget just who you are, but lately you’ve been remembering—and starting to see their shortcomings. Deep down you know you shouldn’t stick around waiting for this person who will never be good for you. Yes, you’re a dreamer, but one with an objective in mind. This savvy also applies to romance. They’re just not it for you.

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