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The Arrival Of May Brings Luck To These Three Signs

The first week of May has some nice surprises in store for three astrological signs. Luck, love, and energy.

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Here are all the forecasts from astrologer Jean-Yves Espié.

A new month begins. After the excitement of summer, it’s time to welcome back to school. Were you thinking of slowing down and getting back to your good habits? Bad luck, the stars decided otherwise. Between August 31 and May 7, everything accelerates. As Venus resumes its direct course and ends breakup season, Mercury retrograde is back. Stress, misunderstandings, and hassles. Daily life is disrupted by many hazards. To make matters worse, Uranus also begins a withdrawal phase of confusion in our minds. The result is a slight desire to lead an internal revolution. Everything can change, everything can be transformed. But we will have to make the right choices since Jupiter also enters retrograde on May 4, requiring us to play the safety card rather than “going for talent”. Are you lost in the face of all this excitement? Not them. Here are the three luckiest signs of the week. All deciphered by the astrologer Jean-Yves Espié.

This Sign Has It All

He is popular and “chatty”. This week, Aquarius is in the spotlight. With the arrival of Mars in Libra (a friendly sign), the last sign of Air gains confidence. He knows what he wants and above all how to get it. His network, more attentive than ever, is ready to help him and support him in each of his projects. “Your relational qualities will be highlighted, and this is the time to give free rein to your sense of contact,” underlines the astrologer. The period is ideal for strengthening ties, negotiating or sealing an agreement. “This will attract you to fruitful sympathies on a social and professional level. » After a month of August where everything was slow, the pace accelerated and the machine started up again.

Aquarius has every interest in following their instincts and listening to their desires. This is how he will succeed in sniffing out the right veins. Better still, the planet of action and ambition, warrior Mars, helps him find himself in the right place at the right time. Everything becomes more fluid, easier, and more peaceful. Enough to predict a very dynamic return to school for Aquarius. The icing on the cake: from May 4, beautiful Venus resumes its direct course. Aquarius’ power of seduction is amplified. It’s as good for the affairs of the heart as it is for the wallet.

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Horoscope: The Week Has Some Nice Surprises In Store For This Sign

If the month of May does not look like it will be the easiest for Taurus, he still benefits from a little rest before the fight. In the coming days, he will be able to take advantage of the “double influence of Venus and Mercury” to breathe a little. Jean-Yves Espié explains: on the one hand, the planet of charm and sensuality “awakens your impulses and your need for love”, on the other the star of communication “invites you to do things in the right way. ‘In order to achieve your ends’. You will have to roll up your sleeves and make some effort, but all the conditions are there to help Taurus spread its wings.

Jean-Yves Espié’s advice is simple: “Accumulate the good surrounding energies, those which bring people together in calm and gentleness. » The first Earth sign has every interest in focusing on their private life. This is the time to tighten the bonds of the heart and to try to let go and escape everyday life. Enough to free his mind to allow him to concentrate on the essentials: business and his organization. “Everything is falling into place to allow you to act,” assures the astrologer. Have faith in the future, heaven will take care of the rest.

This Sign Regains All Its Energy

Not that he really needs it. Known to be energetic and even hyperactive, Aries benefits from the support of Mars to give new impetus to their life. “When the planet of action passes into your opposite sector, it brings you energy to spare and passionate initiative,” confides the astrologer. Fully boosted, Aries is not afraid to step up to the plate. He kicks the anthill and sets off on new adventures. Everything is settling down little by little, the situation is moving forward, and solutions are being found.

A nuance all the same: if the conditions are ideal for moving forward, this is not necessarily a guarantee of success. With (almost) all the planets in retrograde this week, we will have to remain vigilant. “However, it would be wise to deal with those around you. You will quickly get closer to your goals but you must avoid pushing ahead, so as not to spoil your chances. ” Mass has been said. The astrologer has spoken. The sky too. All that remains is to put all these tips into practice.


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