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5 False Beliefs About Aquarius That Push People Away

Pets of Uranus are often called arrogant snobs and try to stay away from them. But the stars figured out the situation – just someone came up with myths about Aquarius, and people believed in it.

Myth 1 – Too smart

Yes, they certainly know a lot and, sometimes, even more than everyone else, and yes, it is among the representatives of this sign that geniuses are most often found. But this does not mean that you need to cross to the other side of the street, if you see Aquarius rushing along it and are afraid to enter into an intellectual confrontation with him, instead ask the know-it-all an interesting, or rather a tricky question /, and everything will immediately fall into place – you make sure that the wards of Uranus are ordinary people, and not walking encyclopedias.

Myth 2 – Eccentric

The antics of Aquarius are not a way to attract attention to themselves, but just features of the air temperament. Aquarius messed up again and was in the spotlight, and you were offended that you remained in the shadows? Well, where does the pet of Uranus? He did not dream of fame and fame – it was just the circumstances.

Myth 3 – Vain

Aquarians bring everything on a saucer with a rim, they are always lucky, they are so lucky – these gossip haunt the air guys all their lives. And people think that Aquarians are stepping over their heads and making a career, forgetting about friends and family. This is not so – Aquarians do not dream of climbing Olympus. They do what interests them and they do it well. Well, honors and recognition are only the result of labor.

Myth 4 – Insensitive

People around suspect that the insensitivity of Aquarius is an attempt to stand out. No and no – air guys behave naturally and do not collect likes and pluses to raise self-esteem. And this is not insensibility at all, but composure and equanimity.

Myth 5 – Snobs

And why do you speak so dismissively of intelligent air signs? The stars assure – Aquarius go to the opera at the behest of the soul, and not in order to “show off.” And now the big secret – Aquarians (like all of us) sometimes like to drink beer from a bottle and unaesthetically gnaw on dried bream.


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